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Another excellent week of workouts; Feeling great since I stopped drinking.

Saturday, July 24, 2010 by  
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Yesterday capped off yet another excellent week of workouts! I did the exact same workout as I did for last week’s back and bicep workout, and went up in reps and/or weight on every exercise. I can tell that my strength has improved over the past few weeks, and I have a feeling I’ve put on a little muscle. I wouldn’t be surprised if my arm, chest and quad measurements have increased a little bit. I’ll find out for sure on Tuesday when I take my weekly measurements and body fat reading.

I’ve been feeling exceptionally good in the gym these past couple of weeks, and mentally I’ve been very upbeat and positive. I’m convinced that giving up alcohol is the reason why. I think that even before I was able to admit it to myself, subconsciously I was aware that my drinking was starting to become a problem. The first week of abstinence was extremely difficult; last week was a little easier, and yesterday night (Friday night) I didn’t even think about a drink! Tomorrow will mark 2 full weeks since I gave up the bottle for good, and I feel better than I have in more than three months. I’m absolutely convinced that my decision to stop drinking belongs on my lifetime “top 5 smartest things I’ve ever done” list.

I’m going to go attempt another Geocache this morning. Thursday’s attempt failed: I think the cache was stolen (the last 5 attempts at the cache from others were all “Did Not Finds”). Three of the last four caches I’ve gone after have been stolen, so that’s been a little frustrating. Still, Geocaching is more about the adventure than the “treasure” so I still enjoy it. Today’s cache is another that won’t take me off-road, however it’s pretty far so I’m going to put a lot of miles on the bike. It may be hot and humid outside, but I still find cardio far more enjoyable when it’s done outdoors instead of sitting in an empty gym going nowhere.

Thanks for reading – enjoy your Saturday!

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