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Very interesting bike ride & Geocaching adventure yesterday!

Monday, July 26, 2010 by  
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I convinced Lisa to go Geocaching with me yesterday, but she didn’t really enjoy it. It was very hot outside, and the cache we went after was pretty far away. Most of the journey was on paved roads, but part of it was through the woods. There were dirt trails through the woods, but the land had prominent “NO TRESPASSING” signs all over the place. The person who placed the cache clearly stated that he obtained full permission from the land owner, but Lisa was still afraid we were going to get shot or arrested. Several dozen people have searched for this cache with no issues at all, and I tried to convince Lisa that we were fine, but she wasn’t able to relax and enjoy the hunt. It’s a shame, because the woods were beautiful and there was a lot to see. Because Lisa was not having fun I didn’t feel comfortable searching as long as I otherwise might have, so I never found the cache. I’ll go back there again by myself and find it. Also, there were some awesome trails running though the land that I wanted to explore on my mountain bike, but I didn’t want to journey too far off without permission. I’m going to contact the owner of the land and ask him or her if I can check out the trail system back there. If you’re interested I put a couple pictures up on my Facebook page.

On the way back from the Geocache I convinced Lisa to make a detour into a huge gated equestrian community that has multi-million dollar homes on gigantic multi-acre lots. There was a small trail off to the side of the gate just large enough for our bikes. She protested a bit, but I knew she wanted to see the place as much as I did and agreed to come along with me. The sprawling community is very impressive: The homes are all unique, custom built and represent just about every architectural style under the sun. Some of the homes looked to be relatively “modest” ~5,000 square foot houses, while others were definitely in excess of 20,000 square feet. We had a lot of fun riding through there, and saw everything from beautiful horses to beautiful Bentleys.

All told we put in close to 20 miles on our bikes. By the time we were within 2 miles of our house Lisa was about to pass out. She hasn’t been riding that much lately and, frankly, is pretty out of shape. The long journey combined with the extreme heat had her feeling dizzy and slightly nauseous. We had to stop for a bit a couple of times so she could rest. I wasn’t able to push the pace like I usually do, but I made up for that by taking my bike off road every chance I got. There were lots of grassy hills which I repeatedly descended and then climbed. Some of the climbs were very difficult, and I wound up getting a great workout in despite the overall slower pace of the ride.

Looking forward to a fantastic leg workout today. This one is going to be brutal: same 320-rep workout as last week, but more weight will be added to all exercises. I still don’t know how I made it through last week’s leg workout, so today is going to be a serious test. I’ve never puked after a workout, but today that could very well change.

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