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Incredible week; All about deadlifts (with instructional videos).

Saturday, July 31, 2010 by  
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This week’s set of workouts have been, without exception, my best series of workouts in many months! I’ve actually had some pretty darn good workouts over the past few months, but this week I’ve just been killing it in the gym. My strength is way up, my energy levels are high and I’ve been totally enjoying each and every workout. I love it when I’m feeling like this.

I went very heavy on my deadlifts yesterday, and managed three sets of 6 using the heaviest weight I’ve used since my 2008 bulk. While I’m not pulling the kind of weight I was moving when I was at my absolute strongest (late 2006/early 2007), I’m also more than 55 pounds lighter now. Taking my relative body weight into account I’m stronger now than I was at 235+ pounds.

I’ve always had lower back issues, but those problems don’t prevent me from deadlifting. A lot of beginners think deadlifting is “dangerous”, but it’s actually a very safe lift if you’re careful with your form. The mechanics of a vanilla deadlift are actually very simple to learn. The deadlift is not only one of the best (IMO it’s THE best) compound exercises you can do, it is also the foundation for a large number of awesome Olympic lifts. If you’re serious about strength and muscle and are not deadlifting then you need to start. Use light weight while you learn the mechanics and proper form. It helps to shoot video of yourself performing the lift so you can identify and correct any problems with your form (if in doubt post the video on the JSF Forums for 3rd party feedback). Mark Rippetoe has some good videos on deadlift form. If you’re new to deadlifts watch these videos, grab a barbell and start learning how to do one of the most effective weight training exercises on the planet!

With some exercises it’s safe to continue when you’re tired and your form starts to break; not so with heavy deadlifts. When I go heavy I like to do sets of 4-6 reps AT MOST. I am very careful with my form and I always stop the moment my form begins to suffer. I never do heavy deadlifts to failure. Have fun, start light and be safe!

I’m taking today off from training. I’ve been busting my butt in the gym and on the bike this week, and I could use a day off to recover.

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