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Another grueling outdoor workout (photos); AtLarge Novus protein bars rule.

I didn’t think yesterday’s workout would be as tough as it was. Turns out getting all that sod removed, bagged and taken to the curb was a much more difficult project than I anticipated! After I did all that, I still had to grade the land and that took a pretty fair amount of time and effort, too. I think I’ve said “The worst is behind me” like 4 times so far on the pond… [Read more]

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Awesome workout & dinner yesterday w/photos; Why I train (things change).

The dinner Lisa made for me last night (Pineapple, lime and rum chicken served with Black beans and yellow rice) was incredible! I really enjoy cooking, but it was nice having a night off from the kitchen. Lisa loves watching cooking shows with me, and she’s always cutting recipes out from magazines, but she acts like she can’t find her way around the kitchen. It’s really just lack of confidence due to inexperience; every time… [Read more]

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Heck of a workout yesterday (pictures); Lisa’s cooking tonight (recipes included).

Yesterday’s workout (digging out the plant beds around the pond) lasted about 4 hours. I didn’t even come close to finishing, but I got a lot done. It’s a big job, and fantastic exercise! I’ll be out there again as soon as I finish today’s blog entry. I don’t expect to finish today, but I think things will go a little quicker than they did yesterday. The reason things should proceed a little faster today… [Read more]

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I can’t seem to gain fat (not complaining); Another big functional workout day.

I had a really good workout yesterday afternoon, and for post workout meal #2 I had a delicious plate of pulled pork barbecue, ribs, french fries, baked beans and garlic bread! It’s been awhile since I’ve had what is probably my favorite splurge meal, so I enjoyed every last bite. The ribs were exceptionally good, too. Despite the heavy meal before bed, I slept great and I’m still down 2 pounds! I’m pretty sure that’s… [Read more]

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How hot is it? I lost over 7 pounds of water yesterday morning; Stir fry mods.

It never did rain yesterday, so I was able to go for a long morning bike ride followed by a few hours of yard work. I got the back yard mowed, edged and trimmed, I trimmed the hedges and I painted off the areas around the pond where the plant beds will go. The heat was bad enough, but with all the rain we’ve been getting it felt like a sauna out there. I knew… [Read more]

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Break in rain – bike ride; Great workout yesterday; There be tadpoles here.

It’s been raining almost all week, and it looks like that is going to continue for at least the next couple of days. Thankfully this morning there’s a bit of sunshine peaking through the early morning clouds, so it looks like I’m going to be able to squeeze a bike ride in before work. If the rain holds off long enough I may have time to mow the back yard after my bike ride. I… [Read more]

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Are you kidding me? A rant on overpriced, useless fitness equipment.

I was just flipping through a magazine, and as I got towards the back I saw the usual barge of ads for various different pieces of fitness equipment, supplements, gizmos, gadgets and exercise programs. Not only were most of the items I saw very expensive, most were completely useless. At best these items are just overpriced spins on stuff that actually works. For example, I saw an ad for an extremely ugly piece of cardio… [Read more]

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Sample chapter from book feedback; Back to weight training; Good leg workout.

I’ve been buried in work since 6:30 this morning, so this morning’s blog is going to be fairly brief… I want to thank everyone for their feedback on the first chapter of my book (if you missed it, I posted it yesterday). While my first choice would be to have the book published, I know that as a new author this is far from an easy task. I’m considering other options, but I’m not wild… [Read more]

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Preface and Chapter 1 of the book I was working on.

Last week I mentioned that some time ago I was working with a literary agent, and had begun work on a book (if you missed it, here’s the blog entry in question). Many of you emailed me and told me that you’d like to read the first chapter, which focuses on my own story. Today I’d like to post that chapter, along with the book’s Preface. A couple of quick notes are in order: –… [Read more]

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I got a lot done yesterday; I fell in the pond; Lots to do this morning.

I didn’t get around to digging out the plant beds around the pond, but I did get a lot of other stuff done out there yesterday. The first thing I did was line the pond walls below the water line with fieldstone. I also spread a bunch of small River Jacks stone around the under water plant shelves and the bottom of the pond. I’m very happy with how all this came out because now… [Read more]

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