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A little more on deadlifts; No TSM this month. :(

Sunday, August 1, 2010 by  
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I enjoyed my day off yesterday, and my body definitely appreciated the rest. Even though I knew I needed a little break from training, I almost caved in and went for a bike ride yesterday afternoon. It’s pretty cool when you have to convince yourself not to exercise even though you want to; the intense heat outside yesterday afternoon made that decision a little easier.

This morning I’m extremely sore. My chest and triceps are still aching from last Wednesday’s workout, but it’s my back that really hurts (in a good way). It’s amazing how many muscle groups deadlifts hit! If you think lat pulldowns are the best exercise for hitting your lats, think again. I started doing lat pulldowns back in 2003, but my lats didn’t really start growing until I started deadlifting.



If you’re not deadlifting and missed yesterday’s update, there is some excellent information and a few instructional videos that will put you on the road to a strong, muscular back. A lot of people neglect their back because it’s not as showy as, say, the chest or arms. Big mistake. You use your back in day-to-day life more than any other muscle group (if you’ve ever injured your back, you already know how true that is!)

Normally on the first of the month I proudly present the JSF Transformation Spotlight of the Month. Unfortunately, and for the first time in the history of the JSF TSM program, the person I selected (and who committed) did not return his interview questions and has not answered my follow-up emails. This person had almost two months to complete the interview (or let me know he changed his mind), so I’m very disappointed. Generally speaking people who undergo successful transformations understand following through on commitment better than most, so I sincerely hope he’s OK. August 2010, if you’re out there, please contact me!

Breakfast and bike now. Have a great Sunday!

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