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Big update; Weekly measurements; Incredible leg workout; Paintball?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 by  
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I took my weekly measurements and body fat reading this morning, and was very pleased with the results. My scale weight is 180.2 pounds, which is identical to last week’s scale weight. My body fat, however, has dropped to 8.9% (down from 9.2%). So it looks like I’ve lost a half-pound of fat and gained a half-pound of lean mass this week! My measurements support this data: my waist and hips measurement remains unchanged, but I’ve added a quarter inch to my quads and arms.

My diet has been mostly very clean, but I’ve been enjoying splurge meals and movie theater popcorn a couple times per week. This is pretty much the same diet I’ve been eating since my 2010 cut ended back in early May, but this is the first time since then I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. Why? It’s simple: I stopped drinking. A shot of vodka has around 100 calories; when I was drinking 9-12 shots (or more) every night, those calories obviously add up fast. Of course alcohol is the first fuel the body burns, so lipolysis (fat loss) is completely stopped while the body deals with all those empty calories. Put another way, I was eating the caloric equivalent of a large pizza every night – on top of my regular dinner. If you’re finding it difficult to lose fat and are consuming alcohol, that’d be the first thing I suggest you cut out of your diet.

Yesterday’s leg workout was awesome! Last week’s leg workout set the bar pretty high, and I was a little worried about hitting my target reps while adding weight again this week. I added 5 pounds to every single exercise (actually I added 10 pounds to my lunges, 5 pounds per dumbbell) and hit the same reps as last week. You may recall that last week my legs gave out on the lunges and I fell over. This week I felt exceptionally strong and the heavier weights actually felt lighter than they did last week.

I’ve been consistently training – hard – six day per week. I’m running a three day split for my weight training and doing a mix of moderate and HIIT cardio on my mountain bike three days per week. My strength is up, my muscle endurance is up and my cardiovascular system is very strong. What’s more, I’m REALLY enjoying my training. I look forward to it. I feel like I’ve struck a fantastic balance this summer, and finding that balance has been a long time coming.

As much as I love mountain biking, I’ve been thinking of other outdoor physical activities I’d like to try. Some of you know I enjoy guns and target shooting a great deal, but I do not hunt. While I understand and respect those who hunt for their own food, I will never understand how anyone could derive any enjoyment out of killing another living thing. That’s just incomprehensible to me. But what about a non-lethal hunt? Yes – paintball! Paintball is something I’ve though about trying on and off for a while now, but a couple of friends who play have put the bug in my ear again. I think I might look into it. I’ll bet I would absolutely LOVE it.

This has turned into a lengthy update. I need to get some breakfast in me and get my cardio in. I think I’m going to go ride the golf course again and try not to get arrested or yelled at. Have a great day!

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