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Taking you through one of my pecs/triceps/delts workouts; New progress photo.

Thursday, August 5, 2010 by  
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Yesterday’s pecs, triceps and delts workout was absolutely phenomenal! I felt exceptionally strong and energetic when I walked into the gym, and there was zero doubt in my mind that I was going to have a fantastic workout. This particular workout is my highest volume workout of the week, mostly because I am working so many muscle groups. In order to keep the workout time at a reasonable length (50 minutes or less), I choose to incorporate lots of supersets and drop sets. Let me take you through one of these workouts…

I almost always start off my pecs/tris/delts workout with a compound chest exercise such as the barbell bench press. Because the bench press uses the delts and triceps as synergists, I only have to do a few warm-up sets right at the start of the workout (my delts and triceps are more than warmed up by the time I’m ready to specifically target them). Once the warm-up sets are completed my workout goes into hyperdrive, and I quite literally don’t even have a chance to catch my breath until it’s all over.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the challenge of doing barbell bench presses supersetted with incline dumbbell flyes with just one minute of rest between each superset. Once those are done I take a scant two minutes of rest, and then do a cable crossover quad drop set.

Moving on to my triceps, I target them with more supersets: yesterday I did rope pressdowns supersetted with standing DB extensions. I usually like to finish off my triceps with a few body weight “burnout” sets; bench dips or bar dips – stuff like that.

Finally, for my delts I like to start off with something like the overhead barbell press or seated dumbbell press, and superset those with a rear delt exercises such as bent over laterals. Lately I’ve been finishing off my workout with a few down the rack lateral raises, lifting to failure in negative 10 pound increments from around 40 pounds down to just 10 pounds. On the final drop set I’ll go all the way down to five pounds. You know your side delts are toast when you can no longer raise 5 pounds!

I added weight on every exercise, and actually managed to surpass the number of reps I did last week on two of the exercises! My strength is improving with each workout, and I’m 100% convinced it’s because I’ve stopped drinking alcohol because that’s the only change I’ve made to my diet and training. Last week I even managed to lose a little fat and add some lean mass.

I took a new progress photo yesterday. This one is of my delts and arms from the front. As always, if you’re interested you can check it out my photo journal.

Cardio day. I’m in the mood to get dirty, so there will be no paved road biking this morning. I’m going to set off into the weeds and scrub and try not to swallow any giant flying bugs. Wish me luck.

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