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Alternating heavy and volume training; GoPro mini-rant.

Friday, August 6, 2010 by  
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Friday is finally here! Today is my back and biceps workout, and that means DEADLIFTS. Last week’s back workout was a low volume/very heavy training session, so this week I’ll be doing a higher volume/moderate weight workout. I don’t like to go ultra-heavy on exercises like squats and deadlifts week after week. I find that alternating between low volume/very heavy training and higher volume/moderate weight workouts provides me with the best overall results. The heavy workouts help me build strength, while the higher volume workouts are great for improving muscle endurance and hypertrophy. I also think going extremely heavy week after week is very hard on the body (especially at my age), so I’m very happy with this style of training.

Broken  GoPro Mount

Broken GoPro Mount

The other day while I was out on my 17-mile bike ride I went off a curb and my GoPro HD handle bar mount snapped in half. The camera fell to the pavement and skidded along the road in front of me:

Thankfully GoPro cameras are built to take a tumble and mine was no worse for wear after the fall. I am, however, disappointed that such a small bump caused the mount to snap in half. This is the second plastic (Polycarbonate, I assume?) part on the GoPro to fail on me. I really like my camera but IMO the folks at GoPro need to beef up some of the housing and mount components they are using. Reports of failures like the two I’ve experienced are very common on their Facebook page, yet they don’t seem to be doing much about it (just sending out replacement parts). It’s a shame that this otherwise fantastic wearable sports cam ships with such shoddy mount and housing components. I won’t even get into the promised Firmware upgrade (which fixes some known issues) that has been “99.9% done” since early 2010. Come on GoPro, get your act together. I’m starting to wonder if my choice of the GoPro over the Contour HD was the correct one…

I need to get breakfast going and get to work. Happy Friday!

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