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Today’s cardio: Digging a backyard toad pond!

Saturday, August 7, 2010 by  
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Mr.   Hemingway (in pot) and Romanov
Mr. Hemingway (in pot) and Romanov

My back and biceps workout yesterday was another excellent training session! I can’t believe how much my strength has improved over the past month. I’m still considering a bulk, but right now I’ve been adding strength and size on my maintenance diet, and I’d kind of like to see where that takes me. I’ll continue doing this for another month before I make a decision.

My cardio this morning is going to be a little different that usual. Those of you who follow my Facebook ramblings already know that I’ve got a couple of awesome toads in my backyard, Mr. Hemingway and Romanov.

I’ve grown quite fond of these little guys (well, Mr. Hemingway is actually pretty fat), and have recently taken a keen interest in providing a pleasant habitat for them. So far I’ve installed a couple of toad homes for them and a temporary source of water. More plants and rocks will be added soon. I call it “La Villa Toadgiato”.

La  Villa Toadgiato

La Villa Toadgiato

My original plan was to replace the temporary pond with a very small in-ground pond, but I’ve decided to go all-out. My new plan is to create a pond large enough to support tadpoles and other pond-dwelling life. I’m going to place the pond in the backyard behind the toad village, and I think it’s going to be around 3×4 meters (organically shaped) and up to 1 meter deep with a shallow beach area. I’m also going to run A/C to the pond and install a pump and waterfall. I’ll finish it off with rocks and lots of plants. I think the toads will love this, and it will be a very relaxing and enjoyable addition to the backyard for me and Lisa.

Because I did such a fantastic job of documenting the construction of my house with about a zillion photos, I know exactly where every last cable and pipe is located in my yard. There’s a fantastic spot for a pond just to the southeast of the patio with no in-ground cables or pipe to get in the way. So that’s my cardio for this morning: digging.

I’ve been doing lots of research on this project, and I’ve already decided on the pond liner (45mm Firestone) and pump (Pondmaster). That said, if anyone out there has installed their own backyard pond and has some advice for me, I’d love to hear it!

I’m going to go start marking off the shape of the pond and DIG! Have a great Saturday!

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