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Worked my butt off this past weekend; Pond progress pictures.

Monday, August 9, 2010 by  
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I sure didn’t get much of a rest from my training this past weekend. Quite the opposite, actually. I worked my butt off on Saturday, and then on Sunday I worked twice as hard as I did on Saturday, and for twice as long.

Digging complete

Digging complete

As you may know I’ve decided to install my own backyard pond. My initial idea was to create something simple and small; however, as is usually the case with me, the size and scope of the project have grown considerably since its original conception. The finished size of the actual pond (excluding the surrounding rocks and landscaping) is approximately 11×11 feet, with a maximum depth of almost 3 feet. Excavating this big hole was a fantastic workout! In fact, I’d say this project was more taxing than my annual spring mulching project.

Here’s what you’re looking at in the picture to the right, starting from the back berm:

– The berm will be smoothed out into a large bed for palms, tropical plants and flowers.
– At rear center is where the rocky waterfall will go.
– The dirt path is temporary. A stone path from the patio will be installed where the dirt is.
– The ledge just below the berm is where flat rocks will be installed around almost the entire pond. These rocks will be above the water line and will hang over the edge of the pond slightly.
– The path from the patio ends at the “beach” area. This area is very shallow, and has a gentle downward grade. It will be a good place for the toads to sit in the water.
– The ledge below the rock ledge will be under water. This ledge is about 10″ below the surface of the water, and will be for water-loving plants.
– Finally, the large area below the falls is almost 3 feet deep.

Heavy storms rolled in while we were working. Lisa was having none of it and went inside, but I enjoyed the cool water and continued working. Once the storms past the sun came out and it felt like I was working in a sauna:

It's gonna rain on yo head

It's gonna rain on yo head

This week we’ll be purchasing the pond liner, underlayment, waterfall, pump, filtration system, lights and so on. We’ll also have to have a lot of flat rocks brought in to surround the pond. I still need to research that. Phase three will be the landscaping – both in and around the pond.

This has been a fun an exciting project so far! I’m glad I decided to take it on. I know we’re going to enjoy the finished product a great deal.

As you might imagine, my lower back is on fire this morning. I’m going to do my leg training today, but I’m going to substitute leg press for squats because I don’t want to take a chance on injuring my back.

I’d better get to work. Hope your day is a good one!

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