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Taking a day to rest paid off: great leg workout; Rock moving day update.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 by  
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I’m glad I gave myself a day to recover from this past weekend’s outdoor work before attempting my leg workout. I made up the workout yesterday, and it was excellent! My lower back is still sore from all the digging and stuff, so I played it safe and did leg presses instead of squats. This was a temporary substitution; as soon as I complete this pond project I’ll return to doing squats.

Yesterday I mentioned that I’m going to have have move a lot of rock this weekend – somewhere on the order of 20-30 tons. Looks like I was way off on this estimate. It’s now looking like I’m going to need around 4-5 tons of rock. Probably around 3-4 tons of Fieldstone, Flagstone and boulders plus a ton or two of Riverjack rock and granite chips. Even though it’s “only” going to be around 5 tons, moving all that rock from the driveway to the backyard and then placing everything by hand won’t exactly be a walk in the park. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to skip my back and biceps workout on Friday so that my muscles will be fresh for this big project on Saturday morning.

I’ve revived a lot of emails this week from others who have constructed their own ponds, or are thinking about installing a pond. I had no idea how popular these things are! Thanks for all the tips, hints and encouragement! More pictures and information to come…

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