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Taking a personal day to work on the pond: electric and 8,000 pounds of rock.

Thursday, August 12, 2010 by  
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Normally Thursdays are very busy work days for me, but unless something unusual happens it’s looking like I may not have too much going on for a change. I think I’m going to bang out a couple hours of work this morning and then take a personal day.

Even though I’m taking the day off from work, it will be far from a relaxing day. This morning 8,000 pounds of rock for the pond project will be unloaded at my front curb. My goal for today is to move all that rock to the backyard. While I have a wheelbarrow to help with the chore, it’s still going to be a whole lot of work. I’ll be moving 1.5 tons of thin (~2″ thick) Tennessee Fieldstone, 1 ton of thick (~4″ thick) Tennessee Fieldstone, a half-ton of large Tennessee River Round rock and 1 ton of colorful ~1.5″ River Jacks stone. It’s gonna be hot today, too.

While I wait for the rock to show up I’m going to run electricity out to the pond to power the pump and lighting. I’ll be tying into into an existing lightly-used 20-amp circuit. The electrical run out to the pond will be about 50 feet. I’ll be using 12-2 outdoor wire and 1/2″ electrical conduit buried 12″ down. The conduit will come out just to the right of where I’ll be installing the skimmer and pump. I’ll bury a 3 foot decorative wooden post at that spot (1.5 feet exposed), and will mount dual weatherproof GFI outlets on the post.

Tomorrow the essential pond materials (20×20 45mm EPDM pond liner, 20×20 underlayment, 3900 GPH pump, waterfall, skimmer, filter media, check valve, waterfall foam, etc.) will arrive. On Saturday morning I’ll begin to make final adjustments to the grade and shape of the pond and will work on the shape of the falls and spillway. Hopefully by Sunday afternoon we’ll have a fully functional pond and waterfall! I’m going to wait a week or two before I start the landscaping/waterscaping phase; I want to be satisfied that everything is running well and that there are no major issues.

I’ve deiced to skip tomorrow’s back, traps and biceps workout. I have a feeling that today’s rock moving project is going to more than make up for it!

I’ll probably get some new pictures up today on Facebook and in my ongoing New Home Construction Journal (Upgraded Membership required).

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