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Not been in the gym this week, but very sore; Long, hot weekend ahead.

Saturday, August 14, 2010 by  
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I haven’t been inside my gym even once this past week, but I’ve certainly had some difficult and intense workouts while working on my backyard pond. I’m experiencing muscle soreness in places that never get get hit from weight training in the gym. For example, the muscles in my hands are very sore. My back is sore too, but in a different way than how it feels after doing deadlifts. Also – not surprisingly – my abs are extremely sore; this is because I’ve gotten into the habit of tightening my abs every time I lift something, and this past week I’ve been lifting a whole bunch of weight!

It’s my hope that by the end of the weekend the pond will be up and running. Today I’ll be moving a lot of dirt. I need to finalize the pond’s shape and depth, and then tamp the sandy soil down. I also need to build up the berm for the falls and spillway by 3 or 4 feet. If everything goes as planned, tomorrow morning I’ll be installing the underlayment and liner and will finally fill the pond! Once the pond is filled I’ll have a chance to be creative with the rock placement and waterfall. The rock placement phase is actually what I’m most nervous about because I’ve never done anything like that before. So far all the work I’ve done has played off skills I already have, but the rock placement is new territory for me. What I’m really excited about is adding the landscaping in and around the pond. That’s a couple of weeks off, however.

I want to again thank everyone who has contacted me with helpful tips, hints and suggestions. I’ve learned a lot from many of those emails and PMs, and I very much appreciate the helpful information!

The weather this weekend is, unfortunately, going to be extremely hot and humid. My only regret so far is that I started this project during the dog days of summer. If I could do it over I definitely would have started the pond in March or April. It would have been a far more pleasant chore in the spring. Right now I’m so sick of being hot, sweaty and dirty all the time that I am really looking forward to wrapping this up.

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