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Pond update (photo + video); Heat wearing on me; Physical ability.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 by  
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Pond Waterfall Under Construction
Pond Waterfall Under Construction

I’m going to make this a quick blog entry this morning. I want to start working on the pond as early as possible because the unrelenting heat is starting to really wear on me. The past couple of days in particular have been less than enjoyable, which is a shame. Hopefully by limiting my activities to the morning and early evening I can start to have some fun with the most creative phase of the project: the placement of the rocks.

Yesterday was pretty miserable, but I accomplished a lot. I got the eastern bank of the pond lowered (making the entire pond level), the skimmer weir was raised to the correct height, I started working on the coping shelf rock formations and mostly completed the waterfall spillway.

Here’s a short video of the falls running over the rocks:

Today I think I’m going to work on finishing up the rock coping shelf, trimming away the excess liner and smoothing the berm that surrounds the pond into the coping shelf rocks. Hiding the waterfall weir is going to involve building the waterfall berm much higher and then surrounding everything with a natural blend rocks and plants.

With all the lifting and cardio I’ve been doing again this week, I’m not weight training. I’m cool with this, as I’m not exactly slacking off! I will say that there’s no way I could have pulled a lot of this project off if I were still a couch potato. It’s a nice feeling to know that I have the physical ability to accomplish difficult “real world” tasks.

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