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Trained yesterday; Burns better; I was working on a book, post 1st chapter?

Thursday, August 19, 2010 by  
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Yesterday after work I thought about going outside and working on the pond project for a couple hours, but it seemed pretty obvious that what I really needed was a break from that. So I decided instead to lace up my shoes and get a weight training workout in. I worked my chest, triceps and delts and had a good, but not great, workout. I was definitely a little off my game, but not terrible so. After quite a few long days of laboring in the scorching sun, it’s not surprising that I was feeling a little drained. Still, I’m glad I got the workout in. I didn’t set any personal records, but I felt real good when I finished.

My burned fingertips didn’t create any serious problems for me while I was lifting. Thankfully my fingers are not burned badly enough to blister, so aside from a little discomfort it wasn’t a big deal. Actually this morning my fingertips feel much improved; they are still a little tender, but the constant stinging is gone and I can type without any pain.

Speaking of injuries, my wrist has been feeling 100% lately. Even after moving all that rock the other day (and moving most of it again as we worked on the pond) my wrist has not hurt at all! I still have about another two months on the anti-inflammatory my doctor prescribed before any further action is considered. I really hope that my wrist is actually healing and not just feeling better because of the drug. I suffered from wrist pain for so long that I’d almost forgot how great it is to not feel that constant aching and pain.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this publicly before, but awhile ago I was contacted by a literary agent who was interested in working with me on a book. We came up with a focus for the book, I wrote an outline and produced a sample chapter. The first chapter of the book is mainly a detailed account of my lifestyle prior to my transformation and what made me finally want to change. The chapter I wrote is much more in depth and a bit more “formal” (but not at all stuffy) compared to what I wrote back in 2003 for the “About Me” section of this site. Unfortunately the agent with whom I was working had an unexpected and serious personal issue, and had to leave the project. While the book is not dead, it’s definitely in a coma. I have no desire to self-publish, and as an unpublished author it’s nigh impossible to get a deal. So I thought about putting the first chapter out there. Maybe something will come of it, and if not maybe visitors to this site would find it inspirational. Is this something you’d be interested in reading? Let me know. If I get enough positive feedback maybe I’ll get it formatted for this site and replace the very old “About me” section with it. Drop me a line if you’d like to see this (EDIT: No need to email, I’m getting flooded! I’ll post the chapter sometime soon. I’m absolutely floored by all the interest – thanks!)

I’ve got a very busy day ahead. No training, but I’ll probably get some stuff on the pond done after work… we’re getting close now!

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