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More information about the focus of my book; Pond update and new pictures.

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Yesterday when I asked everyone if there was any interest in seeing the first chapter from a book I’d been working on, I didn’t anticipate anything close to the response I received. I’m flattered by the interest, and I’d love to share some of what I’ve written with you all! I need to be clear that what I have has not been reviewed by a professional editor, and is not necessary representative of the final product (if and when that ever materializes).

Many of you asked what the focus of the book I was working on is. Well, it’s not really about me or my transformation – at least not directly. The first chapter is all about my story, but the rest of the book was going to be geared towards people who are tired of being fat and out of shape, want to change but have no idea where to start. My idea was to show people that they can make a dramatic transformation without spending a lot of money or even joining a gym – just as I did! As many of you may recall, when I started my transformation I had basically no idea what I was doing, and nothing more than a crappy bench and a couple old cardio machines. What I wanted to show people is that desire and dedication are the only two things they absolutely must have to make a successful transformation; give me someone with those two things and the equipment they may or may not have available is a non-issue.

I need a little time to get the first chapter formatted for the web. Look for it next week.

Newly completed pathway

Newly completed pathway

So yesterday afternoon I got the pathway from the patio to the pond completed, I finished the rock coping shelf all the way around the pond, the liner is now fully hidden and the River Jacks were spread around. Here’s a picture from the newly completed pathway:

Note that all the Fieldstone that I’ve positioned outside of the River Jacks are just staged for final placement: they will be used to line the vertical walls inside the pond. Also note the concrete block behind the waterfall; those blocks will be used to help further build the waterfall berm so that the waterfall weir can be hidden with rocks and plants.

I know that everything looks harsh and rocky right now, but once the landscaping phase is complete the pond will look very lush and tropical.

Another shot of the pathway

Another shot of the pathway

Items remaining to be completed:

– Fieldstone needs to be placed in pond on vertical surfaces.
– Landscaping (both in the pond and around the pond).
– Waterfall berm needs to be built up so weir can be hidden.
– Top of skimmer needs to be hidden with plants and rocks.
– Lighting.

    Last night Lisa and I sat out back listening to the soothing sounds of the waterfall while watching Romanov the toad hop around catching bugs (Mr. Hemingway didn’t make an appearance until sometime after we went to bed). I know the new water garden is something we’re really going to enjoy over the years! All the hard work we put in has been worth it (and I sure got some good workouts out of this project!)

    View from back by the waterfall

    View from back by the waterfall

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