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I got a lot done yesterday; I fell in the pond; Lots to do this morning.

Sunday, August 22, 2010 by  
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I didn’t get around to digging out the plant beds around the pond, but I did get a lot of other stuff done out there yesterday. The first thing I did was line the pond walls below the water line with fieldstone. I also spread a bunch of small River Jacks stone around the under water plant shelves and the bottom of the pond. I’m very happy with how all this came out because now the pond liner is now fully hidden, both above and below the water

After I fished that part of the project, I turned my attention to the gaps between the stones that make up the waterfall and the spillway. These small gaps between the stone are unavoidable, and some of the water falls into the cracks instead of over the waterfall rocks, lessening the effect. The solution to this is a product called expanding waterfall foam. This foam is applied between the rocks and it expands as it dries filling the cracks. Excess foam is trimmed away with a knife after it cures (24 hours). While I was doing this part of the project I had a good portion of my weight on the lowest waterfall rock, when the rock suddenly shifted causing me to fall into the pond. I have security camera footage of this, which I’ll probably post today on my Facebook account. It’s mildly amusing.

I’ve been so preoccupied with the pond project that we’ve not done a proper cleaning in two weeks. So this morning we’ve got to clean the house, it’s a mess. Then I think I’m going to wash our cars. I guess I’m still feeling motivated! We may work on the pond this afternoon. We’ve got to get that waterfall weir hidden, it’s the last thing we need to do to complete Phase II of the project. Then we can focus on the landscaping, which is something I’m very excited about.

I hope you enjoy your day!

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