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Decision on fall bulk; Wrist pain update; Yesterday’s workout (photo).

The summer sure seemed to fly by. I still can’t believe it’s already September! I’ve been giving the notion of another fall/winter bulking phase a fair amount of thought and have decided that, at least for now, that is not something I’m interested in doing. What I’d like to do instead of a formal bulk is tighten up my diet a bit and up my calories slightly. The idea of slowly adding muscle instead of an all-out bulking phase is something I’ve considered doing over the years, but never actually tried. I think this plan is going to mesh with my current lifestyle much better than a traditional bulk, too. When I’m bulking I feel so tied to the kitchen and the gym that getting away for a day of mountain biking or something is never easy. As I’ve mentioned in some of my recent blogs, my health and fitness priorities have shifted away from aesthetics and more towards overall performance and athleticism.

I’ve not mentioned my injured right wrist in quite some time, and the reason for that is there’s nothing to report! It’s been many weeks since I’ve experienced any wrist pain at all. Not only has my wrist been 100% pain-free while lifting weights, other activities that usually cause pain in my wrist have been free of pain. I recently washed and detailed my car and I realized about halfway through that I’d been using my right hand to do most of the polishing with zero pain. In the past I simply could not do that. The real question is has my wrist truly started to heal, or is the lack of pain due to the anti-inflammatory my doctor put me on? I think I have about another month on the pills, and once I stop taking them I guess I’ll know for sure.

I met with my landscape designer yesterday and, as expected, he changed the large bed around the pond considerably. So yesterday’s workout was digging up all the sod from the expanded and reshaped bed. It was a significant amount of work. Today I’m going to get the dug up sod removed and grade the dirt.

Beds around pond, expanded and re-shaped

Beds around pond, expanded and re-shaped

I like the shape he came up with much better than what I originally did! By the way, to give a sense of scale, the area in that picture is about 50’x60′.

After I finished digging the sod, I stood back and studied the state of the pond project. It’s interesting that my initial vision was a modest 1′ circular “pond” between the toad homes, but the scope of the project has gradually grown to encompass more than 2000 square feet of my backyard and consume every minute of my spare time for almost a month. I guess that’s just how I do. 🙂

The plant list is still being finalized, but some of the large specimen plants and palms will include a Bottle Brush tree, a large Sago, at least two Queen Palms, a couple of Crape Myrtles, two Primrose Jasmine shrubs and lots of Roses. He also mentioned stuff like Water Lilly and Papyrus. I should have the complete list sometime within the next week or so.

Bring on the holiday weekend! We’re having family over for the weekend, and I’m very much looking forward to a break from my job and also from all the work I’ve been doing outside under the blazing hot sun. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had Mexican food, so I’m going to attempt to steer everyone in that direction. I don’t think it will be hard sell.