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Pond landscaping going in today; Lackluster workouts; Today’s cardio.

Friday, September 10, 2010 by  
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I’m excited because this afternoon the landscaping around the pond is going in! I got up extra early this morning in order to get a jump on my work for the day because I want to be out back while the landscaping crew is working. After all the work I’ve put into this project, it feels very satisfying to know that Phase III will be completed today! About all that remains to be done now is to select and place the water plants and install the pond & landscape lighting. I think we’re going to put a bench out there, too. We may add some additional plants and flowers to the landscaping, but that probably won’t happen until the spring time. In another month or so the evenings should be pleasantly cool, and I have a feeling Lisa, Loki and I will be spending a lot of time out there enjoying everything.

I did my usual Friday workout yesterday afternoon (a day early), and it was so-so. I went heavy on deads, but never really hit my stride with them some reason. I didn’t feel weak, and my energy levels were good, but the weights seemed extra heavy and I never really felt synced up. I stuck with it and gave it my all, but it was far from a great workout. Hey, they can’t all be mind-blowers; finishing a workout when you’re not feeling it has its own rewards. I’m glad I gutted it out and got it done.

I’m waiting for the mulch to be delivered, but if it gets here within the next hour or so I should have time to break away for a quick 30 minute bike ride. I have a special route with lots of hills that I take when I’m pressed for time. It’s a great HIIT cardio workout. The second to last mile is done all-out, and that’s about three and a half minutes of cardio hell.

I’ll get some pictures of the landscaping up on Facebook later today if I have time. Happy Friday!

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