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Go away, heat: 3 showers & 3 changes of clothes before 2:00 PM; Landscaping.

Saturday, September 11, 2010 by  
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I managed to squeak in a 30 minute HIIT bike ride yesterday morning, and it was a good one. After I returned home I took a very cool shower and got back to work. Even though I keep the house at 70 degrees (F), I was still sweating after my cold shower; this is one of the few things about a great HIIT cardio workout that I do not like. Anyway, around 11:00 AM the landscaping crew showed up, and I went outside to go over some details with the foreman of the crew. We wound up talking for about 30 minutes, and when I came back inside I was drenched in sweat. The heat and humidity were especially bad yesterday, and my elevated metabolism from the bike ride was compounding the problem. Another shower, another change of clothes and I went back to work. A little later in the afternoon my friend who owns the landscaping company showed up to supervise the planting. He wanted to walk the grounds with me and go over some things, and so we wound up spending about 45 minutes out there. When I came back inside I was soaked in sweat again. So I had to take another shower and make another change of clothes, bringing the total of each to three – in less than 6 hours. I am so ready for cooler weather. With all the bike riding, pond construction, yard work, car washing and other outdoor activities I’ve done this summer, I’m pretty tired of being sweaty and dirty.

That said, there’s work to be done today. I’ve got to get the rock installed around the waterfall berm and spread some more River Jacks. A few more plants will be planted between the rocks on the berm, but that probably won’t happen until tomorrow. I did post a couple of quick photos of the new landscaping on Facebook last night, but they were not very good pictures. The light was poor and they were just wide shots that didn’t show much detail. Today I’ll take a bunch of new photos and will identify all the plants. If you’re interested you can check them out on Facebook or in my ongoing New Home Journal (Upgraded Membership required).

I’m going to get out there and get to work. I’m going to have a lot of laundry to do later today, too!

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