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Phase III of pond complete (lots of pictures); I need to get back to the trails.

Monday, September 13, 2010 by  
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I can’t say it was a relaxing weekend, but it was certainly a very productive one. I spent most of my time outside working, and I’m pleased to report that the pond is, more or less, finally complete. Phase IV will be pond & landscape lighting along with in-pond plants. I’ll probably put a bench somewhere, too. Thankfully none of these things will require anywhere near the amount of work that the first three phases did! As promised, yesterday I posted a set of 16 photographs on Facebook, and the same photos can be found at higher resolutions in my ongoing New Home Journal (Upgraded Membership required). I shot some video, but I’ve not had a chance to even look at it yet, let alone edit it down. I’ll try to get to that sometime this week.

With the pond project finally winding down my cardio workouts will revert to more traditional methods; in other words, lots of bike riding. Even though it’s still hot as blazes outside, and the humidity is its own special brand of hell, the promise of cooler days ahead has me very excited! I love riding my bike on cool sunny days more than anything, and so what I consider prime bike riding weather is just ahead. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit this, but I have not done any real off-road trail riding since my accident earlier this year. It’s been almost nine months since the accident (if you missed it, here’s the video), and my lower lip is still healing! The wound is obviously fully healed now, but the nerves are still healing. For several months after the accident my lip was so sensitive that if I accidentally hit it with a toothbrush or something the pain was excruciating. These days its not nearly as sensitive as it was a few months ago, but it’s still sensitive enough that a firm smack from my finger hurts quite a lot. My doctor says this is normal, as there are a lot of nerves that were severed and those take a long time to grow back. Anyway, I do feel that the accident shook me up far more than I was able to admit – even to myself. The sharp crack of the impact and the vivid explosion of pain are still as fresh in my mind now as they were the day after the accident. It’s time for me to get back out there and get over this thing. I’m just going to take it slow until I get my confidence back. Knowing me that will only take two circuits of getting out there and actually doing it. At least now I know exactly where the emergency room is.

OK, busy Monday ahead and a killer leg workout. I’m squatting heavy today.

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