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Productive day outdoors yesterday; Burnt out on training: random thoughts.

Yesterday my morning motivation didn’t evaporate into thin air (as it did on Saturday morning). For the second day in a row I found myself at the hardware store, only this time I didn’t leave empty-handed. The plants, flowers and palms are all overdue for their late summer/early fall fertilization, and there are a heck of a lot of plants that need food. In fact, I purchased so much fertilizer that I’m probably being watched by the feds this morning: 6 bags Milorganite, 4 bags palm fertilizer, 2 bags rose fertilizer, 3 bags Azalea fertilizer, 4 bags magnesium sulfate, 2 bags manganese sulfate, 2 bags blood meal, 2 bags bone meal and 5 containers liquid chelated iron. I also got some more mulch, a few additional solar pathway lights (for around the pond between the Iris) and some pea gravel to finish the drainage system in toad village. I worked in the yard for about 4 hours, and burned a pretty fair amount of calories in the process. Even though I got a lot done, there’s much more to do. I’m going to try to get some things accomplished out there again this morning before work. It’s nice and cool outside right now, too. Yesterday I also took all-new pictures of the pond and the landscaping in the morning light. These photos are much better than the original batch I posted about a week ago. You can check them out on Facebook, and the higher resolutions are in my ongoing New Home Journal (Upgraded Membership required).

Just two weeks until my vacation, and I really need it. As I mentioned last week, I have not been enjoying my training lately. I’ve had to force myself to work out, and that’s not something that happens to me very often – at least not for an extended period of time. Of course there are always going to be occasional days when I don’t feel like training and I do it anyway, but when I have to force myself to train for several weeks in a row that’s no good. I’ve noticed that my diet has been a little looser lately, too. It’s not like I’m being lazy and just sitting around watching TV or playing video games. Quite the opposite, in fact – I’ve been extremely physically active. I think I’m just badly in need of a break from everything. When I return from my vacation I expect to be fully recharged and eager to resume my training; however, if I find that I’m still “drifting” I very well may go ahead and do an all-out bulk. The structure of a formal bulking or cutting phase always focuses me. It might be just what I need if the time off doesn’t do it.

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