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Getting prepped for return to the trails; Downer blogs lately (sorry!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 by  
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I used my last spare bike tube last week, so I just ordered a few more from the JSF Amazon Mall. I’m definitely hitting the off-road trails while I’m on vacation next week, and I want to have some spare tubes with me when I do. Somewhat surprisingly I’ve never had a flat out on the dirt trails. In fact, I’ve never suffered a flat while I’ve been out riding; however, twice now after a road ride the next morning I’ve found one of the tubes flat. Slow leaks, I guess. I’m glad they didn’t go flat until I was back home! Both times this has happened I removed the tube, pumped it up and put it under water but saw no signs of air escaping. Even though I couldn’t find the leaks I still replaced the tubes in both instances. By the way, when I changed the tubes I used only the tools and mini air pump that I have available to me out on the trails. Changing a tube is not difficult at all, but I’m glad I learned this skill in my driveway instead of on a narrow trail in the middle of the woods. I also have a patch kit, but since I couldn’t locate the leak both times I’ve had a flat I haven’t been able to use it yet.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m taking an unprecedented two weeks off from training. Yesterday around the time I normally would hit the gym for my leg workout I was feeling very tired and lethargic. My body and mind just seem to be completely exhausted right now. I’m still feeling slightly under the weather, but thankfully it’s not developed into anything more serious. I know with 100% certainly that taking this break is definitely the right thing for me to do right now. I just have not been feeling like myself lately. I think the week off from work next week is also going to do wonders for me.

So, along those lines, I have to apologize for the sort of blah tone to my blog lately. I know many of you come here seeking motivation and inspiration, and that’s been in short supply lately. Right now I’m feeling tired and worn out, and I’m not going to fake otherwise – that’s just not me. I have no doubt that I’ll be feeling great by the time I get back from my vacation. I can’t wait for this Friday, which is my final day of work before I get nine whole days off! 🙂

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