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Productive day outdoors yesterday; Burnt out on training: random thoughts.

Yesterday my morning motivation didn’t evaporate into thin air (as it did on Saturday morning). For the second day in a row I found myself at the hardware store, only this time I didn’t leave empty-handed. The plants, flowers and palms are all overdue for their late summer/early fall fertilization, and there are a heck of a lot of plants that need food. In fact, I purchased so much fertilizer that I’m probably being watched… [Read more]

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Wound up doing absolutely nothing yesterday; Today’s plans; Lisa’s cooking!

Talk about a 180. As I wrote in yesterday morning’s blog, I woke up yesterday feeling exceptionally motivated and was champing at the bit to get outside and do something… anything! I actually drove up to the hardware store and was was looking around trying to figure out what I felt like working on when all of a sudden I realized I didn’t feel like doing a darn thing. Normally being at the hardware store… [Read more]

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Decent workout; Stress at work; Today’s cardio: another project; New photos.

Yesterday’s workout (back/traps/biceps) was far from incredible, but still considerably better than my past 3 or 4 workouts. I think reducing the weights I’m using and my intensity level was the right move while I wait for my vacation/week off from training to start. Another thing worth noting is that for the past couple of week I have not been enjoying my weight training workouts. I’ve had to force myself to get in the gym… [Read more]

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Pond taking up morning hours (new photo); Yesterday’s cardio was a lot of fun!

I seem to be running late in the morning more often than not these days. The reason is because lately I’ve been taking my coffee out back to enjoy the new pond, and I wind up sitting out there for more than an hour looking the tadpoles & frogs, watching the butterflies & dragonflies buzz around and snapping pictures. Sometimes I find little things to tweak, and the next thing I know it’s almost 9:00… [Read more]

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Enjoying the beautiful weather; Yesterday’s training; October “100 Challenge”.

The weather was so pleasant yesterday that I sat out back with my laptop and worked from there part of the day. The morning was clear and cool, and even after it warmed up to 90 degrees F there was a nice breeze blowing and no humidity. The lack of humidity is a welcome change. Normally in the mornings the windows are covered in condensation, but this morning when I woke up they were dry… [Read more]

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Beautiful, cool morning; Vacation approved.

When I woke up this morning I went out back expecting to step into the usual sauna-like Florida heat. Instead I was greeted with a pleasantly cool, dry breeze that instantly brought a smile to my face. This morning’s temperature is below 70 degrees (F) for the first time in many months, and I am loving it! I think the high today is only going to reach 90 degrees, and the humidity is way down…. [Read more]

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Another bad workout – I need a break from training.

Yesterday’s leg workout was terrible. I was squatting heavy and, just like Friday’s heavy back workout, the weights that I normally find challenging were absolutely crushing me. Everyone has bad workouts from time to time, but this makes two bad workouts in a row for me, and that’s pretty unusual. I just checked my records, and it’s been more than two months since my last full week off from training. After that break back in… [Read more]

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Phase III of pond complete (lots of pictures); I need to get back to the trails.

I can’t say it was a relaxing weekend, but it was certainly a very productive one. I spent most of my time outside working, and I’m pleased to report that the pond is, more or less, finally complete. Phase IV will be pond & landscape lighting along with in-pond plants. I’ll probably put a bench somewhere, too. Thankfully none of these things will require anywhere near the amount of work that the first three phases… [Read more]

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Productive day yesterday; Pictures today, I promise!

So this morning after my first half cup of coffee I decided to go out back and enjoy the pond. I saw something with the waterfall that I wanted to tweak – just a couple of seconds, no big deal. That was two hours ago. One thing led to another and the next thing I know it’s quarter to 9:00, I am a sweaty, dirty mess and I haven’t even started on my blog. I… [Read more]

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Go away, heat: 3 showers & 3 changes of clothes before 2:00 PM; Landscaping.

I managed to squeak in a 30 minute HIIT bike ride yesterday morning, and it was a good one. After I returned home I took a very cool shower and got back to work. Even though I keep the house at 70 degrees (F), I was still sweating after my cold shower; this is one of the few things about a great HIIT cardio workout that I do not like. Anyway, around 11:00 AM the… [Read more]

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