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Post-vacation report continued; John Stone: Mountain Man?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 by  
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I ran out of time yesterday morning before I could talk about my entire vacation (if you missed yesterday’s update it can be found here). Yesterday I posted all the good, there really was no bad, but today I want to talk about the ugly.

The “ugly” part of my vacation was my diet. My plan was to eat whatever I wanted with no restrictions, and that’s exactly what I did. Apart from a couple of semi-healthy meals in the form of a homemade shrimp stir fry with brown rice and a really nice steak with asparagus the rest of my diet was absolutely terrible. I ate all my favorites: I had pizza a couple of times, hamburgers with french fries, pork barbecue with french fries, lots of movie theater popcorn, candy bars, soda… I think on the first day of my vacation I predicted on Facebook that I’d gain about 6 pounds, and I actually gained 7 pounds. As you saw in yesterday’s blog, I was also VERY active the entire time I was off, and that is probably what kept things from getting really bad. I mean, I was not just doing a little cardio here and there: I was out there almost every day killing it on my bike for many hours at a time. Of that seven pounds I’m guessing most of it is just water weight and will be quickly shed now that I’ve returned to my usual diet. I guess 2-3 pounds of the weight I put on is fat, which is not too bad, I suppose. I’m going to eat slightly under maintenance for a few weeks until I drop those few pounds.

After two weeks away from the gym, I’m back to weight training this week! Yesterday’s workout (legs) was pretty rough, but the important thing is that I enjoyed my workout. The time off really helped me. This week my workouts will be relatively light as I get my feet back under me. Next week I’ll begin to ramp up the intensity significantly.

It’s a really nice morning, and a perfect day for some outdoor cardio. I’m not sure where I’m going to ride yet, but I’m definitely heading out for some off-road bike action. I like paved trail riding, but lately all I want to do is get off the road and out in the woods somewhere. I really love it out there in the peaceful quiet. There’s a part of me that wants to sell my house, sell my cars, buy some land on a mountain somewhere and build a sick trail system. I’m still trying to figure out of this desire is a passing mid-life crisis type thing, or if I’m truly ready to get out of the rat race and become a mountain man. I’m growing my beard out again, by the way. There’s entirely too much silver in there this time… 😆

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