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Moved Wednesday workout forward; Legs not as sore as expected; Biking today.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 by  
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Things got crazy at work right after I finished yesterday morning’s update, so I never was able to go for a bike ride. I had some free time in the afternoon and I thought about going for a ride then, but it was pretty hot outside. Anyway, what I was really in the mood for yesterday afternoon was some weight training, so I went ahead and did my chest/delts/triceps workout (normally I do that workout on Wednesday). The workout was similar to Monday’s leg workout: I really enjoyed it, but I lost strength during the two weeks I took off from training. I’m not worried about the strength loss, the most important thing is that I’m enjoying my training again. My strength will return quickly.

My legs are sore this morning, but not as sore as I expected them to be after two weeks off from weight training. I suppose all the biking I did during my break from the gym kept my legs in pretty good shape!

Once again it’s an absolutely beautiful morning here in Central Florida! I still can’t believe how incredible the weather has been this month. Because I did my usual Wednesday workout yesterday, I’m going to get out and do some biking this morning. I want get out of the house before my phone starts ringing off the hook, so I’m going to wrap this up, eat and get going. Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a great day!

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