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There’s a HAWG in the house; Five Ten Impact feedback; Revised glove choice.

Sunday, October 17, 2010 by  
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CamelBak HAWG

CamelBak HAWG

I’m pretty stoked about the replacement CamelBak H.A.W.G that arrived yesterday morning! It looks very well made, and there’s even more storage space than I expected. In addition to the large 100 ounce water bladder that comes with the HAWG, there’s a mounting point in the cavernous main storage compartment for a second water bladder. I removed the 50 ounce bladder from Lisa’s old CamelBak Charm (she’s taking my 70 ounce CamelBak Classic), and mounted it in HAWG for a total of a 150 ounces (4.5 liters) of water. There was still tons of room left in the main compartment, and plenty of storage space in the many other zippered storage areas. If I need even more water, I can always purchase a second 100 ounce bladder for a total of 6 liters of water – plenty of water for an entire day of riding. When it comes to wearing the HAWG, it’s very adjustable. There’s an adjustable chest strap on horizontal rails and an adjustable waist strap. Even fully loaded I found the pack to be very comfortable (note: I have not yet taken it out for a long ride).

In yesterday’s update I talked about some of the upgrades I’ll be making to my mountain bike accessories. One of the items I mentioned, the Five Ten Impact mountain bike shoe, sparked a lot of feedback! Some of the feedback was from very happy Five Ten owners who pretty much just raved about the shoes. Awesome! I also got some feedback from the pro clipless pedal camp, which I expected. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not racing my bike and because most of my riding is done on technical single track I value the ability to quickly put my foot down over the increase in power that clipless would provide.

Fox Bomber Glove

Fox Bomber Glove

Based on the reviews I’ve read and the feedback I’ve received from people who own shoes with the ultra-grippy Stealth soles (like the Impact), I’m going to be getting a very nice balance between clipless and platform. Everyone keeps telling me that these shoes REALLY grip, and more than one might expect. There will be a learning curve.

One of the other upgrades I mentioned yesterday was gloves. I want a full finger glove with more protection on the knuckles. I’m always scraping my knuckles on trees and stuff when I’m riding on narrow single track, and it drives me nuts. I was going to go with the Fox Dirtpaw, but now I think I’m going to go with the Fox Bomber in red/black. The Bomber glove has even more knuckle protection and seems to be a tougher glove overall. Looks pretty sweet, too.

I need to eat and figure out where I’m riding this morning. The weather is just incredible!

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