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Fun day on the trails with a fellow JSF member (one scary moment); AM training.

Monday, October 25, 2010 by  
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Yesterday was a fairly warm, but otherwise incredibly beautiful day. I decided to load up the bike and head over to the trails at Soldiers Creek for some fun in the dirt. I was excited about putting some of my new biking gear to the test, and I got to meet and ride with the April 2010 Transformation Spotlight of the Month recipient, forum member “Malnar” (Ian). Ian’s an experienced road biker, but this was his very first time on the trails. I thought Ian rode very well, and we both had a blast! The only truly scary moment of the day was when Ian (on his very first lap, no less!) attempted to make a low skinny ramp – the exact same style of ramp I faceplanted from earlier this year. I watched helplessly as Ian’s tire crested the upramp, hit the middle log, wobbled, and then completely missed the downramp. The Ian/bike combo dropped like a rock and slammed into the ground – mercifully not face first. There was no bloodshed or shattered bones, but he banged up his hip a bit and is probably feeling it this morning. The thing about those skinny ramps is that they are deceptively mild looking… but if you miss the downramp then you and the bike are going down fast and hard. When I fell I remember being shocked by how fast it all went down. I mean, before I even realized I missed the downramp I was crawling around in the dirt looking for my teeth and wondering what the hell happened.

All the new gear performed really well out on the trails. I was especially impressed with the shoes and tires. I’ll be updating my Favorite Things thread with quite a few new items sometime very soon.

Today is leg day, and I’m going to get my workout in this morning instead of my usual afternoon time. I really enjoyed working out in the morning last week, and I’m strongly considering moving my workouts back to early AM. If I continue to have good morning workouts all this week, I’ll probably make the change indefinite.

Train hard and have a great day!

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