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Deads this morning; GoPro mount and 60 FPS experiments.

Saturday, October 30, 2010 by  
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Yesterday wound up being another fairly long and stressful day. I want to apologize for the unplanned outage that impacted the JSF family of web sites for most of yesterday morning. A quick reboot of the web server after a kernel upgrade wound up requiring a trip to the datacenter to correct. Once I got things running again (on the old kernel), I still had to figure out what went wrong. I tracked down and corrected the problem, and successfully booted the new kernel late yesterday afternoon.

With all the network stuff that’s been going on this week it’s thrown my workout schedule off a bit. I was supposed to do my back/biceps/traps workout yesterday morning, but the outage prevented that. I was going to do the workout in the afternoon, but I was too busy to break away. I could have done the workout after work, but I was tired and I knew I’d have a much better workout if I waited until this morning. So I decided to wait, and I’m about to head into the gym now for some heavy deadlifts!

After my workout I’m going to oil and tune my bike, and I also want to play around with a new GoPro HD camera mounting position. Right now I have the camera mounted to my handle bars, but I want to try mounting it to the front fork. I think the video might look a lot smoother with the camera mounted there, and the lower vantage point might be interesting. I also want to play around with slow motion using the 60 FPS mode of the camera. I might post some test footage later on Facebook and YouTube. If the test footage looks good I’ll keep the camera on the fork when I hit the trails tomorrow.

I’m going to go lift – have a fun Saturday!

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