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I accidentally got up early today; November 2010 Transformation Spotlight!

Monday, November 1, 2010 by  
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I woke up this morning, looked over at the clock and thought I saw 6:10 AM. I got up, put my contacts in, fed Loki and as I walked by the kitchen clock I saw that is was actually just past 5:00 AM. Oh well, if I’m going to accidentally get up an hour early then the first day of the month is a great day to do it; I’ve always got a lot to accomplish on the first day of the month.

I’ve already eaten and trained (leg day – awesome workout!), and now I’ve got to get started on what is going to be a very busy work day. Be sure to check out this month’s Transformation Spotlight!

For the November 2010 Transformation Spotlight I’ve selected forum member jasarsenault (Jason). When Jason started his transformation he didn’t have a solid plan and hadn’t even put much forethought into what he was about to do. Mistakes were made, muscle was lost and strength was sacrificed as he dropped more than 50 pounds. Jason was not satisfied with his “end” result, and immediately started the next, more thoughtfully designed phase of his transformation.

Jason’s transformation is a textbook example of a person who decided to make a change and didn’t fall into the trap of endless planning. Perfect? Certainly not, but at least he jumped in with both feet and started doing something. While I feel planning is important, I see far too many people who spend weeks and weeks attempting to create the “perfect” plan right down to the last gram of protein. Don’t fall into that trap! Get the basics down, get started and make adjustments as you progress.

Reminder: I’m always looking for TSM nominations. If you, or someone you know, has made a successful transformation, please email or PM me and let me know about it!

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