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Friday morning deadlifts; Video review of GoPro chest mount; BCAA+ from AtLarge.

Friday, November 5, 2010 by  
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I just finished up an incredible back workout! Because my primary goal right now is gaining strength using compound exercises, low reps and heavy weights, I did not do any direct biceps work today. Starting off a beautiful Friday morning with several sets of very heavy deadlifts is pretty much a fool-proof recipe for getting in good mood. I feel awesome! I’m so glad that I changed my workout times from afternoon to morning. It just seems to be a better fit for me, and for a lot of reasons. It will be interesting to see how my upcoming cut goes (compared to previous cuts) while training at the new AM time.

Well, the cold front pushed out all the rain, and this morning Central Florida is enjoying crystal-clear blue skies, lots of sun and crisp, cool air. I really wish I didn’t have to work today, but I do. This weekend I’ll be out on the trails trying out my new GoPro chest camera mount. Yesterday after work I ran some tests with this new mount, and I was not happy with it. So I made some changes using some parts from another GoPro mount kit, and now I think I’ve a camera system for my bike that is the best I’ve used by a wide margin. You can check out my brief video review below. In the review I talk about the mount’s shortcomings (from a mountain biker’s perspective), how I overcame those shortcomings and I included some test footage using the modified mount.

I just heard from the guys over at AtLarge Nutrition. They’ve been working on a new product that is pretty close to ready: BCAA+! I don’t use many supplements, but I am a big fan of BCAAs. I’ll definitely be giving this new product a run while I’m cutting early next year. More information here.

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