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Fun day at the trails, but breathing issues; New video.

I had an absolute BLAST riding out at Soldiers Creek yesterday! The weather was, in a word, incredible and the trails were in great shape thanks to the heavy rains earlier in the week. The only problem was that I had some cardio/lung issues that really affected my ability to ride hard without a lot of discomfort. I had one of those annoying tickles in my lungs that made me cough when I was breathing deeply. Obviously breathing deeply is part and parcel to hauling the mail (the only way I like to ride) out on the trails, and I was struggling a bit – especially my final two runs. This morning my throat is slightly sore, but I can breathe just fine. I hope I don’t run into the same issue again today.

Here’s one of the videos I shot yesterday using the GoPro chest mount. It came out OK, but I’m not satisfied with it. Today I’m going to mount the camera higher on my chest, and try to tighten the harness a little more. Also, I was so involved with riding that I forgot to remove the camera to get any external “3rd eye” shots. I’ll do that today. Another cool thing about today’s ride is that I’m meeting up with some mountain biking vets. I’ve never ridden with anyone who can keep up with me before, but these guys will definitely be able to smoke me. What I’d like to do is try and keep up with them, and chase them with the camera as they ride the trail. This should make for some pretty interesting footage.

By the way, I have no idea why I passed that super-easy kicker early in the video. I think I was distracted by a squirrel. No, actually it was a bear. NSFW music.