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Tough leg workout this morning; Awesome day yesterday (new photos).

Monday, November 8, 2010 by  
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My legs were tired this morning from an entire weekend of trail riding, but I still got in an excellent leg workout. I went heavy on squats, and I was definitely feeling a little off my game – not only because my legs were tired, but my lower back is also a little sore this morning from hitting about a billion roots, logs, kickers and drops. Even though I’m not really doing much isolation work right now, I did do some heavy 1-leg DB calf extensions this morning. It amazing how much calves are used when biking, and I want them to be very strong. Genetically my calves (actually my entire legs) have always been big and powerful, and they respond very well to training.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, yesterday morning I went back out to Soldiers Creek for the second day in row. This time I met up with a group of eight people that I met on some biking forums. Most of these guys have been riding their whole lives, and are very experienced riders. I knew that hanging with these riders was going to be a real challenge, but I was very excited on the drive out to the trailhead. I love pushing myself and getting better, and I knew that riding with these guys was going to test my skills and be a fantastic learning experience… and was it ever! Everyone was really down to Earth and super friendly. They made me feel instantly welcome in their group, and that really helped me focus purely on my riding. I didn’t get stupid, but I did do quite a few things I’d never attempted before (and I did them successfully!) I also had to ride faster than I’ve ever rode before just to keep up. Miraculously I only took one spill the entire day, and it was a minor one. It was a really pointless wreck, too – I slid on some leaves at a “Y” juncture because I tried to change direction at the last second. I managed to dismount as I was sliding and I stayed on my feet – an act that garnered some applause from the others. 😆

Unfortunately my GoPro was somehow in Photo Mode all day, and I didn’t notice. So when I got home I was disappointed to find several thousand photographs, but no video. Oh well. I put some photos of the trip (with captions) in my Photo Journal. Check them out here.

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