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My cut doesn’t start until January, but the mental prep work has begun.

I really enjoyed my summer, and I felt that I struck a great balance between living a healthy lifestyle without depriving myself. I even managed to get through the summer without adding any significant amount of fat. I did put on a some fat during my early October vacation, and I’ve continued to eat a fairly loose diet since then. As a result, my body fat percentage has increased to about 11 or 12 percent. While 11%-12% body fat is certainly a very healthy level for men, it’s a little high for my personal tastes. When I’m at my present body fat percentage I find that my clothes don’t fit as well, and I lose some of my cuts (muscle definition) and vascularity. Also, the very first place I show fat is in my face. Even when I’m below 8% body fat, a single cheat meal makes my face puffy the next day. I hate that, but it’s the genetic hand I was dealt.

So I’m getting pretty excited about my January cut. While my methods will remain the same as past cuts, my goals are slightly different. I’m certainly not setting out to lose muscle, but muscle size is no longer a concern. As my passion for mountain biking has grown, my fitness and body composition goals have changed. Because of this, I want finish this next cut as light as possible while remaining as strong as possible. I would not be surprised to see me as light as 170 pounds @ 7% body fat by March or April 2011. The trick is to get there without losing strength. I’m going to continue to focus my training on heavy weights, low reps and compound exercises. Deadlifts, SL deadlifts, squats, bench presses and overhead presses will comprise the core of my training while I’m cutting; I’ll be doing little, if any, isolation work.

When I complete my cut I’ll be smaller than I’ve been in many years, but I should be quite strong for my weight. I want my cardiovascular conditioning to be the best it’s ever been, and my muscle endurance to be off the charts. My goal, in a nutshell, is to make my body as efficient as possible.

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