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Fun and challenging ride yesterday; Faceplant-free skinny riding!

Yesterday morning I went out to Soldiers Creek for a ride, and when I left the house I was feeling great! Normally when I ride off-road, it takes me a little while to get warmed up and not feel like I’m fighting the bike; this is especially true on semi-technical trails like Soldiers Creek. Yesterday my first lap was far worse than my usual first lap awkwardness, and I actually considered packing it in for the day. I just wasn’t feeling it. My goal when I went out there was to ride and have fun, but also to work on some of the trickier areas that I find difficult. After that horrible warm-up lap I was questioning the wisdom of riding on the edge of my skill level. I decided to press on for another lap. The second lap went considerably better, and so I decided to head over the offshoot on the backside of the trail that has some of the more technical stuff.

It’s funny how quickly things can turn around. Once I started riding the tougher stuff I felt completely in sync with the bike and my confidence grew. I rode some stuff that I’ve not tried before, and did really well.

In fact, I was feeling so good that I decided to try riding a skinny over a log for the first time since I faceplanted off one back in January. As I set up for the run over the skinny I remember thinking, “Dude, don’t mess this up…” (only “mess” wasn’t the word I was thinking). I was nervous, and because of that I didn’t hit the ramp with as much speed as I should have. I made it just fine, but it was slightly ugly because I had to ratchet at the top of the log (due to my lack of speed) and my pedal hit the log. As soon as I made it over, I grabbed my bike and set up to do it again – this time like I meant it. I put the hammer down and hit the ramp with plenty of speed, popped over the log and rode down the backside skinny like I’d done it a million times. Man, it felt good to put that behind me! I knew I could do it.

I was going to ride close to home this morning and maybe practice some wheelies in my backyard, but it’s so beautiful outside that I’ve decided to go ride somewhere a little more interesting. Not sure where yet, possibly Wekiwa or Mt. Dora.

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