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Internet outages & burnt “cakes”? To the DJ who mentioned me this morning.

Friday, November 19, 2010 by  
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Yesterday I had my home Internet service upgraded. Everything was working perfectly until sometime after 3:00 AM this morning (I know this because a backup I was downloading completed at 3:10 AM). When the new cable modem tried to renew its IP address everything crashed and burned. So I woke up this morning to no Internet service. You’d think that getting my service restored so I could get to work would be the top priority. Well, you’d be wrong. I was informed by Lisa that she had pies or some crap like that “cooking” in one of those lame Facebook games that she’s hooked on. Apparently if these digital baked goods didn’t come out of the virtual oven then life as we know it would pretty much be over. That’s way too much pressure for a guy who hasn’t had his coffee. Of course the problem was on my service provider’s end, and you know what that means: a two hour phone call (minimum). Thankfully the problem is now resolved, but Lisa had to leave before she could tend to her digi-cakes.

So, this morning I’d like to define irony: my dear wife spends hours and hours slaving over a virtual oven cooking fake food, but she’s only cooked a real dinner for us maybe a half-dozen times in the past decade. FML.

I’m just teasing, Lisa (I’m going to be in so much trouble when she gets home).

Lisa just called me and told me that she was listening to the radio at work. The DJ said something about how he was really motivated to work out this morning and that he “felt like John Stone.” 😆 Good for you, man! Hit it hard!

Speaking of working out, I’ve got some deadlifts to do. Happy Friday!

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