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Didn’t sleep well, riding today anyway; Hydration pak cleaning tip.

Sunday, November 21, 2010 by  
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I woke up around 1:00 this morning and simply could not fall back asleep. I have a lot on my mind right now, and no matter what I tried I could not quiet my thoughts and get back to dreamtown. I decided to get up and do some computer work, and after about an hour I finally started to feel drowsy again. Once I got back in bed it still took at least another 30 minutes before I was able to drift off again. Of course Loki was licking my face shortly after 6:00, but Lisa saved me and got up to feed him. I wound up sleeping until 7:20, but I still feel pretty tired.

I missed a workout this past week and I did not ride at all yesterday, so I feel like I’ve been pretty lazy. Even though I’m tired I’m going to force myself to ride today. Because I’m feeling a little dull (more than normal, I mean) I’m going to stay away from the more technical stuff. I’m looking for more of a cardio workout, so I’ll probably head over to Wikiwa or Mt. Dora. I’d like to get at least 10 off-road miles in; if I go to Wekiwa I’ll also add 8-10 paved miles to the total.

I spent half the day yesterday working on our Internet service issues (related to the upgrade to Road Runner “Lightning” service), and I guess it was time well-spent because this morning we woke up to functioning service for the first time in several days. The Motorola wireless cable modem/router my cable company forces its “Lightning” customers to use is absolutely horrible! Thankfully the router can be place in bridge mode, which allows me to use my own wireless-n router for just about everything (wireless, DHCP, NAT, port forwarding, QoS).

A quick tip before I head out for my ride. Those of you who use hydration packs like the CamelBak may find cleaning them difficult. I used to simply fill mine with hot soapy water, shake, let it sit for a few hours and then rinse it out; this method is not really ideal for killing all the bacteria, however. CamelBak sells cleaning tablets, but they are pretty expensive. I’ve found that dropping a denture cleaner tablet into a filled reservoir, shaking and letting it sit overnight (rinse out well, of course) is a very inexpensive, yet highly effective, method of cleaning the water bladder. You can pick up a box of like 90 anti-bacterial denture tablets for just a couple of bucks.

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