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Great ride yesterday – details on my favorite section of trail @ Wekiwa.

Monday, November 22, 2010 by  
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Even though I was tired yesterday morning I saddled up and rode over to Wekiwa state park. I wound up putting in just shy of 20 miles, and half of that distance was off-road. The paved riding was a nice warm-up before I got to the meat of the ride. Once I got to the forest the first thing I did was ride north from Marker 10 to Marker 18. This part of the trail has some sandy uphill sections (with roots) that provide a serious cardio workout. Last week I didn’t ride as much as I usually do, and I was surprised by how off my cardio felt after just one week of reduced activity. It’s not like I was dying out there, but in order to keep my usual pace I had to work a little harder than usual!

Once I got to Marker 18 I continued around the ~3 mile hiking trail to Camp Cozy. This hiking trail is my favorite area at Wekiwa. There are lots of huge roots, stumps, bridges, logs, mud and other tech to keep things interesting. I have to stay very focused the entire time on this trail: hit a stump or root the wrong way and it’s over the bars (I’ve done it). The thing about this particular trail is that it’s marked with a white blaze (hikers only). This hiking trail is the most remote trail at Wekiwa; after more than a dozen rides yesterday was the first I’ve ever seen anyone out there. The trail is so technical (read: slow) that there’s no danger of a bike/hiker collision. The first time I came to Wekiwa the ranger at the front ranger’s station told me “… the best biking trails are the hiking trails, but that’s not allowed.” He practically winked at me when he said it. Sure enough, yesterday a forest ranger on a 4-wheeler was slowly coming towards me, blocking the narrow trail. I thought I was going to get a verbal dressing down for being on the hiking trail with my bike, but she actually apologized as I walked my bike past her! So I guess it’s not a problem.

Because of all the obstacles, this ~3 mile section of trail is pretty slow going. My average speed tends to be around 7 miles per hour – and that’s pushing the pace. Even though the pace is slow, it’s a very active workout. It usually takes me about 23 minutes to complete this section, and I’m breathing hard the entire way. I have video of yesterday’s ride, but the video doesn’t convey the actual size of the roots, stumps and other technical stuff very well. It’s not the most exciting footage, but I may go ahead and post it later today for posterity.

I slept great last night, and this morning I had a really good leg workout! I went heavy on squats and stiff-leg deadlifts, tossed in a few sets of higher rep (10-16) dumbbell lunges and finished up with 4 sets of 1-leg DB calf raises. Feeling good!

I’d better get to work. If I have time over lunch I’ll get that footage posted in my media thread/facebook/youtube.

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