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A couple of videos from Sunday’s ride: my favorite trail at Wekiwa.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 by  
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Yesterday I talked in some amount of detail about my favorite section of trail at Wekiva State Park. I’ve never posted video footage of this particular trail before, so last night I took the footage from Sunday’s ride and assembled a video (actually two videos). I decided to include the entire 2.7 mile section of trail in the video, and the entire ride takes about 24 minutes. I had to split the video into two parts because of Youtube’s 15 minute video time limit. This trail is my favorite trail at Wekiwa because it’s very remote and infrequently traveled, the terrain is diverse and somewhat challenging, it’s devoid of sugar sand, the forest is teaming with all kinds of plant and animal life, it’s usually quite cool, it’s quiet, it’s fun and it’s a fantastic workout.

I tried to keep the videos interesting by providing lots of pop-up text commentary while I ride (sort of like a DVD trivia track). I can’t tell you how much I enjoy getting out in the woods and riding like this; doing so has truly become one of the greatest pleasures in my life. If you’ve been thinking about taking up mountain biking, I highly encourage you to give it a try.

Wekiwa State Park: Mountain biking from Marker 18 to Camp Cozy (Part I):

Wekiwa State Park: Mountain biking from Marker 18 to Camp Cozy (Part II):

As always, bigger HD versions of these videos can be found in my Media Journal.

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