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First real details about my cutting plan – things are going to be different.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 by  
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So my 2011 cut is going to be different than those of years past. Of course my primary goal is still fat loss, but I want to tune my body so that it is ideal for mountain biking. I will certainly lose some muscle size, and I truly don’t care about that. What I do not want to lose is my strength, explosiveness and muscle endurance; in fact, I fully expect to gain explosiveness and muscle endurance on this cut. I also want my cardiovascular fitness level to be the best it has ever been, and that’s a lofty goal.

With the exception of my initial transformation and perhaps my first post-bulk cut (I’d have to go back and check to be sure), I’ve always started my cuts with very little cardio, and slowly ramped up the number/length of my cardio sessions as got closer to my goal. That’s pretty standard, and what I recommend to most who are trying to lose fat – especially if the goal is single-digit body fat percentages. This time things are going to be different because I’m biking 3 or 4 times per week. Most of the biking I do is a modified “real world” version HIIT cardio. My heart rate is very high for extended periods of time while I’m mountain biking, and the sessions are much longer than a typical HIIT cardio session. Make no mistake, this style of biking is an anaerobic activity; even with supplements like Glutamine and BCAAs I will burn muscle while doing it. As I mentioned above, I’m cool with that. I digress. Getting back to my original point, I am going to need to ramp up my cardio as I progress in order to avoid stalls. So my plan is to supplement my outdoor biking with cardio sessions on the recumbent bike as I dip below 10% body fat (my goal is 7% body fat).

Doing so much cardio will have the added benefit of furthering one of my other goals, being in top cardiovascular condition. Back in 2004 my resting heart rate was 38 BPM (I did a lot of cardio back then!); I expect to be in that kind of cardio shape again in 2011.

I’m out of time this morning. I’ll continue to post random musings in the coming weeks as I refine my cutting plan.

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