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More frustrating (home) Internet issues; No riding today; Vacation plans.

Bah, I woke up to more Internet issues this morning. This router that my service provider forces us to use with their Road Runner Lightning service is absolute garbage (Motorola SBG6580, if you’re interested). I’m going to disable wireless on the Motorola and put it in bridge mode so I can use my own wireless-n router and see if that helps. If I continue to have problems I’m going back to Turbo. 40 Mbps is… [Read more]

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Internet outages & burnt “cakes”? To the DJ who mentioned me this morning.

Yesterday I had my home Internet service upgraded. Everything was working perfectly until sometime after 3:00 AM this morning (I know this because a backup I was downloading completed at 3:10 AM). When the new cable modem tried to renew its IP address everything crashed and burned. So I woke up this morning to no Internet service. You’d think that getting my service restored so I could get to work would be the top priority…. [Read more]

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Servers settled in; Skipped yesterday’s workout; Looking forward to a break.

Yesterday was a very productive day. I’ve got the servers almost entirely settled in to their new home, and the entire process has gone extremely well. I did have to take the database offline for about 30 seconds yesterday afternoon, but apart from that there has been no down time other than the physical move. Because of the server move I’ve fallen behind on my regular work, so today and tomorrow I’ll be playing catch-up…. [Read more]

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Busy morning; AtLarge special; December “100 Challenge” open for entry.

I’m super swamped right now, so just a quick update this morning. As you may have read yesterday, the move to our new Network Operations Center has gone 100% according to plan! I want to thank my friend and former co-worker Adam (who now works for Choopa – the new home for the JSF servers) for hooking us up with the rack space and bandwidth, and also for making sure yesterday went so smoothly. It’s… [Read more]

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The JSF servers are safely in the new NOC – all services are now restored!

If you’re reading this (hint: you are), then the JSF servers have safely arrived and been installed in the new Network Operations Center. Whew! It’s obviously been a very stressful 24 hours for me. There is still a lot of work related to the move that needs to be done over the next couple of days, but I’ve planned things so that none of the work will be service-affecting. That said, things don’t always go… [Read more]

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JSF server move is happening today – there will be down time.

The JSF servers are being moved to a new data center today! There will be approximately 24 hours of down time starting any time now. Please see below for the details. While the servers are down I will post updates to the JSF Facebook and Twitter accounts, so check those places for the latest information. IMPORTANT: The JSF servers are moving to a new data center on Monday, November 15, 2010. During the move the… [Read more]

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Fun and challenging ride yesterday; Faceplant-free skinny riding!

Yesterday morning I went out to Soldiers Creek for a ride, and when I left the house I was feeling great! Normally when I ride off-road, it takes me a little while to get warmed up and not feel like I’m fighting the bike; this is especially true on semi-technical trails like Soldiers Creek. Yesterday my first lap was far worse than my usual first lap awkwardness, and I actually considered packing it in for… [Read more]

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Meloxicam is gone, and wrist pain is back. :(

A couple of days ago I finished the last of the anti-inflammatory pills (Meloxicam) that my doctor prescribed to me a few months ago for my chronically aching wrist. This morning my wrist has that familiar dull ache that I’d grown to live with prior to taking the Meloxicam. I guess I’ll be going back to the doctor with my unfortunate news. As my doctor said when he prescribed the Meloxicam, “We’ll try this first,… [Read more]

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Preparing for the big server move.

I’m in a big rush this morning. I’ve already eaten breakfast and I got my back workout in, but I have a lot to accomplish in advance of the big server move, which is happening on Monday (see below for the announcement). Obviously I’m pretty nervous about shipping the servers to New Jersey (they will be sent via FedEx Priority Overnight), but I have full backups of everything and can recover from a worst-case scenario…. [Read more]

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I might start my cut in December…

I’m giving some thought to starting my cut in December instead of January. My mom is coming to stay with us in March and, well, she’s an incredible cook. I really don’t want to be dieting while she’s here. I guess my options are start early, or take a week off from cutting while mom is here. Taking a week off is not something I’m keen to do because, as most of you know, I’m… [Read more]

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