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My cut doesn’t start until January, but the mental prep work has begun.

I really enjoyed my summer, and I felt that I struck a great balance between living a healthy lifestyle without depriving myself. I even managed to get through the summer without adding any significant amount of fat. I did put on a some fat during my early October vacation, and I’ve continued to eat a fairly loose diet since then. As a result, my body fat percentage has increased to about 11 or 12 percent…. [Read more]

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Breathing issues – allergies?; JSF servers are moving soon – downtime.

It’s another really nice morning outside. It’s a cardio day, but I don’t have a great deal of time to ride anywhere interesting. I’m going to get a quick ride in around the ‘hood before work. My cardio has actually felt a little off for the past week or so. My lungs don’t feel like they are quite right, and I’ve been breathing much harder than usual out on the trails. It could be allergies,… [Read more]

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Tough leg workout this morning; Awesome day yesterday (new photos).

My legs were tired this morning from an entire weekend of trail riding, but I still got in an excellent leg workout. I went heavy on squats, and I was definitely feeling a little off my game – not only because my legs were tired, but my lower back is also a little sore this morning from hitting about a billion roots, logs, kickers and drops. Even though I’m not really doing much isolation work… [Read more]

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Fun day at the trails, but breathing issues; New video.

I had an absolute BLAST riding out at Soldiers Creek yesterday! The weather was, in a word, incredible and the trails were in great shape thanks to the heavy rains earlier in the week. The only problem was that I had some cardio/lung issues that really affected my ability to ride hard without a lot of discomfort. I had one of those annoying tickles in my lungs that made me cough when I was breathing… [Read more]

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Carbs the night before training; Slept in; Nice morning; Riding all day.

It’s going to be a very active weekend, so last night I scarfed down the carbs: a huge plate of whole grain pasta with basil pesto, toasted pine nuts, fresh tomato and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. I’ve found that what I eat the night before a physically demanding day is just as important, if not more so, than what I eat the morning of the event. I remember when I swam competitively back in high… [Read more]

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Friday morning deadlifts; Video review of GoPro chest mount; BCAA+ from AtLarge.

I just finished up an incredible back workout! Because my primary goal right now is gaining strength using compound exercises, low reps and heavy weights, I did not do any direct biceps work today. Starting off a beautiful Friday morning with several sets of very heavy deadlifts is pretty much a fool-proof recipe for getting in good mood. I feel awesome! I’m so glad that I changed my workout times from afternoon to morning. It… [Read more]

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Upcoming cutting phase date & plans; Weekend plans; Trail video improvements.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m focusing my weight training on strength building right now. So for yesterday’s delts/chest/triceps workout I stuck with compound exercises, low reps and heavy weights. It was a very good workout, but my strength is still not what it was a few months ago. I may be sort of coasting along for the next couple of months from a dietary standpoint, but I’m going to keep training hard in… [Read more]

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Fun morning at some brand new dirt trails (pictures and video).

So yesterday after I finished writing my blog I loaded up the car and drove to Mt. Dora to check out some brand new trails there. As I was arriving a very light rain was falling, and this rain made the leaves on the ground very slick. Also, because this is a new trail and we’ve not had any rain for over a month, the trail is still pretty sandy in spots. The light rain… [Read more]

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I’ve got to get out of here; Winter diet and training plans.

I’m feeling very unmotivated this morning. Not unmotivated as in lazy, unmotivated as in I don’t feel like sitting in front of a damn computer all day long. Today’s a cardio day, and I really want to get outside and do some real trail riding. I have so much to do that I don’t think that’s going to be possible, but I’m going to see if I can shift my schedule around so I can… [Read more]

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I accidentally got up early today; November 2010 Transformation Spotlight!

I woke up this morning, looked over at the clock and thought I saw 6:10 AM. I got up, put my contacts in, fed Loki and as I walked by the kitchen clock I saw that is was actually just past 5:00 AM. Oh well, if I’m going to accidentally get up an hour early then the first day of the month is a great day to do it; I’ve always got a lot to… [Read more]

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