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Want to get in shape for the new year? Here’s how!

I’m on vacation! This will be my final update to this site until I return on Monday, January 3, 2011. January 3rd also happens to be the first day of my 2011 cutting phase and, as always, I’ll be posting my complete stats, diet and training information as I progress. My cutting goal this year is 7% body fat, but also to be in the best cardio shape of my life. I’ll be training hard,… [Read more]

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Funny story about… routers?; New JSF web site preview pictures!

Yesterday I decided to skip my workout because I knew I was going to be moving lots of heavy network equipment all day long. I’m glad that I did because some of those routers were pretty heavy. Actually, I have kind of a funny story about one those routers. Long, long ago (like 1999), I was moving one of the routers that was finally decommissioned yesterday. This particular router is a Cisco 7513; it’s about… [Read more]

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Slept great last night, but running late now; Physical day ahead.

Mercifully I slept almost 10 hours last night, and I needed every second of it. I woke up at 7:30 this morning, which is 1.5 hours past my usual wake up time. I woke up thinking about some cool new ideas for the JSF web site redesign (these things always come to me when I’m sleeping), and started implementing them before my first sip of coffee. So now it’s five minutes until nine, I still… [Read more]

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Very tired this morning; Site design is coming along well!

I’m so tired. Two nights in a row of terrible sleep. Lisa’s still coughing a lot, and after her coughing woke me up it took me hours to fall back asleep. Then it happened again. I’m really glad I don’t have a workout this morning because it probably would not be pretty. I think I’m going to sleep in the guest bedroom tonight–I’m a mess without a good night of sleep. By the way, I… [Read more]

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My conditioning is way off right now; Cutting goals and plans in detail.

Cold, rainy weather combined with a touch of whatever Lisa has kept me indoors this past weekend. As much as I wanted to hit the trails, I think backing off a bit was the right thing to do. This cold or whatever it is that Lisa caught has been lingering for two weeks now, but it seems like I’ve been able to fight it off without any real symptoms. Still, I do not want to… [Read more]

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Big milestone reached in site redesign; Weather still blah.

A significant milestone in the development of the redesigned JSF site was reached this morning: all 2,868 daily blogs (June 11, 2003 – December 18, 2010) have been successfully ported over to WordPress! There are a few loose ends to tie up with with some of the posts, but 98% of the work was automated thanks to the efforts of forum member “Hatter” (Tim). Looking through the thousands of posts and all the little (and… [Read more]

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Rainy morning; Invited to a new trail (video) but can’t go.

I woke up this morning hoping that the forecasts were wrong, or at least that the rain would be delayed long enough for me to get a good morning ride in. Nope. It’s not raining yet, but the radar shows it’s coming fast – and there’s a lot of it. I’m pretty bummed, as I’m really in the mood to ride this morning. A couple of the guys I rode with out at Soldiers Creek… [Read more]

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Good workout this morning, but ran long; Looks like rain tomorrow.

I’m going to have to make this a very short update. My workout ran long this morning, and I’m buried in work. I’m so glad that it’s almost the weekend. I was looking forward to hitting the trails tomorrow, but it looks like we’re going to get a lot of rain. The rain will help with the sugar sand (it’s been dry so the sand is pretty bad right now), so hopefully Sunday I’ll be… [Read more]

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All about the long overdue redesign of JSF!

The redesign of JSF (the main site) is back on in large part due to the efforts of forum member “hatter” (Tim). I was initially contacted by Tim about the BodyShop project, but the conversation eventually turned towards the main site redesign. I made a tremendous amount of progress on the new site design last year, but for several reasons (BodyShop development being a big one), progress stalled. Another major problem was converting the thousands… [Read more]

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Huge response to yesterday’s blog; AtLarge BCAA+ promotion.

The response to yesterday’s update about smoking was overwhelming! I received several emails offering me congratulations for kicking the habit more than 10 years ago (thanks!), but I received many more emails from people who smoke and want to quit. There’s no getting around it: quitting smoking is hard, and to be successful you’re going to go through a lot of really rough days. The temporary suffering you’ll endure will not be anywhere nearly as… [Read more]

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