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More on my cutting plan (diet and training); My opinion on “fat burners”.

Thursday, December 2, 2010 by  
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On Tuesday I talked in some detail about my body fat and performance goals for my upcoming cut, and also a bit about my cardio plans. Today I’m going to talk about diet, supplements and training.

My strength training on this cut will be pretty similar to what I did last year: alternating weeks of “core” (low volume, heavy compounds) and “intensity” (higher volume, very intense) training. This style of training is something I first tried while working with Mastover, and I’m a big fan of it. As I mentioned on Tuesday my weight training goals are strength and muscle endurance, so this training program will be perfect for me.

My cutting diet is going to consist almost entirely of “clean”, all-natural foods: chicken breasts, shrimp, fish, lean steak, oats, egg whites, natural peanut butter, red potatoes, olive oil, yams, all kinds of veggies and brown rice. No cheat meals, no alcohol – no exceptions.

I am going to be very aggressive with my diet this year. I’m not going to cut my calories to stupidly low levels, but I am going to ride the edge as closely as possible. As I’ve mentioned, I realize that I will lose some size on this cut; In fact, I want to. My gauge will be strength. If I start to lose strength then I’ll make some adjustments to my diet, but otherwise you can expect to see pretty fast results.

My supplement intake will consist of fish oil, a multi-vitamin, creatine, glutamine, BCAAs, Nitrean protein powder and EAAs. I sometimes am asked about so-called “fat burners”, and if I use them. The answer is that I have used them in the past (long, long ago) and I feel they are practically worthless. If you’re at 5% body fat and trying to get to 3% body fat for a bodybuilding contest, perhaps the very small metabolic rise that fat burners provide would be useful. Otherwise, they are a waste of money. If you can’t get absolutely shredded to the bone through diet and exercise alone, then something is very wrong with your diet and/or your training program.

I was going to go for a bike ride before work, but it’s in the 30s and windy this morning, so I’m going to wait and ride in the afternoon. The cold front has left us with some incredible weather for the weekend. The highs are going to be in the 60s and it’s going to be clear and sunny. Needless to say, I won’t be spending much time indoors!

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