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Weight training and mountain biking: endorphins vs adrenaline.

Friday, December 10, 2010 by  
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I just finished up the sickest back workout! This week was a heavy “core” training week, and when I woke up I was really in the mood for some heavy deadlifts. Nothing gets my endorphins flowing like squats and deadlifts – NOTHING! Even mountain biking, which you know I love, is just not on the same level as weight training when it comes to those massive endorphin highs. When I’m on the trails the adrenaline rush is what I’m chasing, and on that front mountain biking definitely delivers in a big way.

I’ve done countless ultra-intense indoor HIIT cardio workouts, and there is simply zero adrenaline rush. As you probably know, adrenaline is released by our bodies when we are in what we perceive to be dangerous situations. This is why most people find indoor cardio, even HIIT, extremely boring. Some people are “adrenaline junkies” and enjoy actives that bring them right to the edge of death. I’m nowhere near that extreme, but I do like to do things that have some degree of calculated peril. Of course cuts, bruises, broken bones and worse are always possible when you’re doing something potentially dangerous like mountain biking, but that’s where the rush comes from. I like to ride at the edge of my skill level, but I try not to do things that are so outside my abilities that the chance of serious injury is excessive. Still, I’ve been injured before and I’m sure I’ll be injured again. Without the risk there’s no reward. I’ll take getting banged up every once in a while over sitting around playing video games any day.

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