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Awesome day at Soldiers Creek – Video footage coming later today.

Sunday, December 12, 2010 by  
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I went to Soldiers Creek to ride yesterday, and I’m very glad that I did! I rode well, and did a few things that I’d never tried before. I also introduced myself to a couple of other guys I saw riding out there, and we wound up riding together for the rest of the day. It was a blast! So I finally have some chase cam footage to post. I’m working on editing the video and will have it up later today in my media journal, Facebook and Youtube.

One of the tricks I did yesterday is something I’ve been eying for quite a while, but I was nervous about riding it: it’s an uphill skinny bordered by rocks on each side. A fall to the left would take the rider over all the rocks and then down into the rocky shallow creek about 8 feet below. I was chasing one of my new friends, and just followed him right over it. Piece of cake!

There’s another area that has a couple of very steep, narrow downhills followed by uphills. A small slip or miscalculation buys you a trip down the steep bank into the creek below. I hit that a couple of times yesterday, and managed to stay dry.

I finally got some footage of the bumpy log ride that’s at the end of the technical offshoot on the backside of the trail. One of the guys I met yesterday rode it like it was nothing. He’s a very experienced rider, and I learned a lot from watching him.

I also rode all the kickers and skinnies with no problem. I fell once, but that was just because my front tire hit a bad patch of sugar sand while I was in a banking turn. My ribs are a little sore this morning, but I’m otherwise fine.

I’m going to get back to editing this video. Enjoy your day!

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