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All about the long overdue redesign of JSF!

Thursday, December 16, 2010 by  
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The redesign of JSF (the main site) is back on in large part due to the efforts of forum member “hatter” (Tim). I was initially contacted by Tim about the BodyShop project, but the conversation eventually turned towards the main site redesign. I made a tremendous amount of progress on the new site design last year, but for several reasons (BodyShop development being a big one), progress stalled. Another major problem was converting the thousands of daily blog posts over to the WordPress system. Each post had to be extracted from the monthly archive PHP files and then properly converted into a new WordPress database entry (dated and with subject intact, of course); further, every link, image, smilie and video had to be automatically updated to point to the new locations. With almost eight years of blogs there were plenty of additional minor and no-so-minor issues that had to be overcome, too. Well, Tim took it upon himself to tackle this project, and he made it happen. His custom conversion script works flawlessly, and his efforts have put the project back on track. I’ll be working on the new site while I’m on vacation, and I hope to have to have it launched early in 2011.

The new site will eventually have many new features like articles and a greatly improved recipe section, but right out of the gate there will be quite a few major enhancements to what the current site offers. RSS feeds, integrated comments and discussions on my daily blog updates, integrated comments and discussions on any posted item (articles, recipes, news stories, Transformation Spotlights, etc.), greatly enhanced photo section with multiple albums, flash-based image viewer, image slideshows, pingbacks/trackbacks, tagging, integrated multimedia features, forum integration (the latest forum posts will show on the main page and you will be able to post comments on the main site using your forum account, etc.) and much, much more!

Another new feature that deserves special mention is that I’ll be adding (at long last) a search engine. Do remember reading something I wrote three years ago and would like to locate and read it again? Well, good luck finding it on the current site. With the new search engine you’ll be able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily by searching for tags and/or keywords.

I’m very excited to have this project back on the front burner – it’s long overdue!

Registration for the January 2011 “100 Challenge” is now underway! Your Official Challenge post must be made by 9:00 AM (EDT) on January 1, 2011 if you plan to participate – NO EXCEPTIONS! To participate, you must be a member of the forum. If you are not a member, simply create a free account. It can take up to 24 hours for your account to be activated, so don’t wait until the last minute to register! For all the details, official rules and sample entry data, just head over to the January 2011 “100 Challenge” thread on the forum. If you are ready to work hard and want to challenge yourself in a fun and competitive environment, then please take part!

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