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I overlooked my 10-year stop smoking quit date; Do you smoke?

Yesterday I realized that I let a noteworthy date slip by completely unnoticed: I quit my 3-pack a day smoking habit on October 31, 2000! I think the reason the 10-year anniversary of my quit date passed by unnoticed is because I don’t think about cigarettes anymore. I remember when I quit some people said that I’d never really get over the cravings 100%. I was told that while the cravings would become far more… [Read more]

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New video; Future of JSF/Forums/BodyShop; January “100 Challenge”.

It took me forever to complete the editing, but I finally got the Soldiers Creek video from Saturday’s ride up yesterday evening. Saturday’s ride was probably the most fun I’ve had on two wheels, and I think this video is also my favorite of the ones I’ve put together. This video is different from all my others because I’m chasing a couple of other riders (Phil and James, who I met Saturday at the trails)…. [Read more]

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Awesome day at Soldiers Creek – Video footage coming later today.

I went to Soldiers Creek to ride yesterday, and I’m very glad that I did! I rode well, and did a few things that I’d never tried before. I also introduced myself to a couple of other guys I saw riding out there, and we wound up riding together for the rest of the day. It was a blast! So I finally have some chase cam footage to post. I’m working on editing the video… [Read more]

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Where to ride today; Black bears on the trails.

I was asleep by 10:00 last night (actually that’s kind of late for me!) and I slept a full nine hours. I guess I needed it. Lisa is still sick, but thankfully she seems to be improving. I still show no signs of picking up whatever it is she has, but it may be that my body is fighting it off right now with no obvious symptoms – possibly why I needed the extra sleep…. [Read more]

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Weight training and mountain biking: endorphins vs adrenaline.

I just finished up the sickest back workout! This week was a heavy “core” training week, and when I woke up I was really in the mood for some heavy deadlifts. Nothing gets my endorphins flowing like squats and deadlifts – NOTHING! Even mountain biking, which you know I love, is just not on the same level as weight training when it comes to those massive endorphin highs. When I’m on the trails the adrenaline… [Read more]

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Lisa’s sick; Cold weather has kept me inside this week.

Poor Lisa is really sick this morning. Yesterday she had a pretty bad cold, but overnight it became much worse. She’s headed to the doctor right now. So far I’ve not felt even slightly sick, which I’m obviously very happy about. It seems like everyone around here is sick right now. It’s been years since I had anything more serious than a slight sore throat, and I hope that trend continues. I also hope Lisa… [Read more]

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The mental aspect of fat loss: Are you setting yourself up for failure?

Last night on Facebook I posted this quick blurb about my upcoming cut: I’m getting really fired up about my upcoming cut. I always start the process about a month in advance, thinking every day about my goals and how I’m going to reach them. At the end of December I’ll shave down (sounds silly, but it helps me mentally when cutting), watch Rocky & Pumping Iron, get my initial meal plans & workouts drawn… [Read more]

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Body fat estimate based on my waist measurement; BodyShop feedback.

I’m certainly going to have my work cut out for me when I start cutting in January. My mom is coming for a week-long visit in mid-march, and there’s no way I’m going to diet during that week. I’d really like to have my cut done by the time my mom arrives, but 10 weeks is going to be pushing it. I’ve not taken my measurements or body fat reading in at least two months,… [Read more]

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JSF BodyShop needs a new developer; Tried BodyShop and didn’t like it?

The developer of the JSF BodyShop software has left the project due to some significant life and job changes. Unfortunately this has put BodyShop into a state of limbo. This news has caught me completely off-guard. While BodyShop will continue to operate for the foreseeable future, all development (bugs/new features) is currently halted. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I don’t feel continuing to run BodyShop in its current state is a viable… [Read more]

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Today’s plans; Austin trails; I need to make the trek to Santos.

After Friday morning’s back workout followed a few hours later by a 20-mile mountain bike ride, I decided to take yesterday off to recharge. It was a fun day, but I still felt the strong urge to go riding again. This morning we’ve got another cold front coming in, and it’s pretty cloudy outside. Actually it just started raining. Oh well, the clouds should clear up in a few hours as the front pushes through…. [Read more]

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