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Legs are destroyed; So dry here; JSF servers will be moving.

I had another excellent AM workout yesterday! I started off by blasting my legs with 4 sets of high rep, moderate weight, short rest interval back squats. I was feeling great, so I decided to superset Bulgarian split squats with single leg DB calf raises (3 supersets). I finished off with 3 sets of stiff-leg deadlifts. My hamstrings and glutes are already sore this morning, and by tomorrow morning I’ll be wincing with every step…. [Read more]

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Fun day on the trails with a fellow JSF member (one scary moment); AM training.

Yesterday was a fairly warm, but otherwise incredibly beautiful day. I decided to load up the bike and head over to the trails at Soldiers Creek for some fun in the dirt. I was excited about putting some of my new biking gear to the test, and I got to meet and ride with the April 2010 Transformation Spotlight of the Month recipient, forum member “Malnar” (Ian). Ian’s an experienced road biker, but this was… [Read more]

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A couple of new pictures; The evolution of my transformation.

Yesterday evening I posted a couple of new photos in my media journal on the forums. Along with these photos I made a short comment about how my reasons for training and eating healthy have changed over the years. This morning I’d like to expand on that comment a bit… Almost everyone who is out of shape, overweight and unhappy about those things decides to make a transformation to improve his or her appearance, self-esteem… [Read more]

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Thinking of working out in the morning again; Need to start a mini-cut.

Yesterday I decided to break from my usual afternoon workout time, and instead did my workout (back/traps/biceps) in the morning just about an hour after breakfast. It’s been a while since I’ve done a morning workout, and I really enjoyed it – so much so that I may start doing my workouts in the morning again. I seemed to have even more energy than usual, and the morning endorphin rush put me in a good… [Read more]

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New grilled chicken recipe; Heavy deads in store this morning.

This morning I had time to post the excellent new chicken recipe I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. It’s called Key West Chicken. This is a very simple recipe (and it’s a snap to prepare), but the flavors are fantastic! I served it with some brown rice mixed with chopped green onions and fresh steamed broccoli. This printer-friendly recipe (along with many others), can always be found in the recipe section of this site. I ate… [Read more]

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Good workout, strength down though; Made some excellent chicken last night!

My chest/delts/triceps workout yesterday was a good one, but my strength is still way down from my break. My leg strength didn’t suffer much, but as I mentioned yesterday that’s because I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of mountain biking. I’m really not surprised that my upper body has lost some strength (and size); two weeks off combined with a relaxed diet and hundreds of miles of biking will do that to ya…. [Read more]

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Great ride yesterday; Do you HATE cardio?; November “100 Challenge”.

I had a fun and very active day off from work yesterday. After breakfast I loaded up my gear and headed over to Wekiwa State Park for a long ride. I wound up riding just shy of 27 miles, and most of that distance was off-road. I increased my average moving speed on the off-road portion of the circuit by .3 MPH to 7.3 MPH, which is a new personal record. 7.3 MPH may not… [Read more]

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Got the day off; Strength coming back quickly; Riding technique slowly improving.

I didn’t sleep too well last night, and Loki woke me up at 5:50 this morning. I’m feeling a little groggy, but the coffee is helping. On a brighter note, the weather is really nice, and I managed to get the whole day off from work! So I’m thinking about loading up my new CamelBak HAWG and spending most of the day out on the trails. My strength seems to be coming back pretty quickly… [Read more]

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Initial thoughts on the CamelBak H.A.W.G hydration system.

I took my new out for its inaugural ride yesterday morning, and I have some initial thoughts about it. NOTE: For a picture of the HAWG, please see yesterday’s blog. Yesterday’s ride was around 18 miles: 9 miles on paved surfaces and 9 miles on some very rough single track. I had the pack pretty loaded up: I completely filled the 100 ounce HydroTanium reservoir and I also had quite a few other items in… [Read more]

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There’s a HAWG in the house; Five Ten Impact feedback; Revised glove choice.

I’m pretty stoked about the replacement CamelBak H.A.W.G that arrived yesterday morning! It looks very well made, and there’s even more storage space than I expected. In addition to the large 100 ounce water bladder that comes with the HAWG, there’s a mounting point in the cavernous main storage compartment for a second water bladder. I removed the 50 ounce bladder from Lisa’s old CamelBak Charm (she’s taking my 70 ounce CamelBak Classic), and mounted… [Read more]

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