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Cut off to great start; Yesterday’s leg workout; The best investment.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 by  
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Leg day!

Leg day!

If you missed yesterday’s blog and are interested in what I’ll be doing to reach my goal of 7% body fat and how I am going to get in the best cardio shape of my life, go give it a quick read. For all my detailed cutting stats and daily meal logs, just log in to JSF BodyShop using your forum username and password (or simply create a free account if you’re not already a forum member) and add me as a friend.

My cut got off to a fantastic start yesterday. It felt really good to get back to a clean, all-natural diet and to get an intense, sweaty leg workout in. When it comes to intense leg workouts with an emphasis on short rest intervals and non-stop action, one my favorites is the old SGX 320-rep leg workout. This is what I did:

4×20 Leg extensions
4×20 Lying leg curls
4×20 Squats
4×20 1-Leg DB calf extensions

This workout requires two things to be effective: 1) You must use enough weight so that you can barely get the last few reps up, and 2) Keep the rest intervals very short – just 60 seconds between sets, 2 minutes between exercises. If you don’t cheat on the rest intervals (you’ll want to) and don’t wimp out on the weight you’ll crawl out of the gym after this one.

I was catching up on the news this morning, when I came across this New York Times article, which states that Americans are now watching an average of 34 hours of television per person every week. Do you know what the number one excuse for not working out is? I hear or read this excuse over and over again: “I don’t have enough time to work out.” Bullcrap. Everyone has time. It’s a simple matter of priorities. A few hours per week is all it takes to keep your body in great shape. There’s simply no better return on your investment than the time you spend working on your health. What good is anything you have in life (kids, family, money, success…) if you can’t enjoy those things in health? Maybe it’s time to put down the remote and grab a barbell.

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